Where to sleep, hotels and lodging California

Where to sleep, hotels and lodging California

Youth hostels

EspèUnis, young Americans preferring couchsurfing (free accommodation with private individuals)! However, there are still around XNUMX affiliated to the network. Hostelling International in the state of California, which is not too bad. Not to mention that there are still a number of private AJs, especially in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles.
In addition to dormitories and private rooms, there is usually an equipped kitchen, a common room and washing machines. Sometimes there is also a small bar, outings or excursions ...
No age limit to stay there.


They are found almost everywhere, large, small, amégaz trècars; you can easily find top-ups on site in general stores.

There are 2 types of campsites.

National and State Campsites (National or State Campgrounds)

They are found in National Parks, National Monuments, National Recreation Areas, National Forests and State Parks. These national campsites are $ 35 for 8 people. The eci is chargeable depending on the period when you reserve.

In the less frequented campgrounds, it is necessary deposit an envelope with the price of the night in a terminal, at the entrance, noting on the envelope his name and address, the registration number of the car and that of the campsite chosen.

L & rsquo6h). There are always toilets (sometimes sènique and barbecues, but not necessarily a shower or drinking water, or even just water in the most rudimentary; in cold areas, it is only connected from April or May.
Book in advance when possible (usually up to 7 months before), especially for a trip in high season.
If it's not the case, first come is first served. Try to arrive as early as possible if you want a small chance to find a free site (or take advantage of a cancellation), especially in the middle of summer.

Think of do your shopping in a supermarket before entering the park. Finally, don't forget to pack warm clothes.

In parks populated bybear (Yosemite, for example), scrupulously follow the instructions rangers concerning the kitchen and how to store provisions and waste (to be stored in the containers provided).

  • Information and reservations also possible with California State Parks.

Private campsites

There are sometimes monstrous coaches, long like buses. For campers, little shade, no grass or privacy, sometimes it feels like camping in a parking lot! Of course, there are exceptions, some camps are very nice or, failing that, relatively pleasant.

The main advantage of these private campsites is that they offer many more amenities and services. Of course it is much more expensive than park campsites ($ 30 to $ 50 for 2 people). These campsites often offer wooden bungalows (cabins) or mobile homes for rent at the same price (or even less) than a room in a small motel, but sheets are not always provided. Most cabins have a queen size bed and 2 bunk beds, and share common sanitary facilities. Some have their own shower, sometimes a fridge, heating, AC or a fan.

There are chaci also offers a subscription card (Value Kard Rewards) valid for 1 year, which costs around $ 30 and entitles you to a 10% reduction.


This name comes from the contraction of the words “United!”. Often also a fridge, a microwave and a coffee maker, kettle or percolator (with free coffee and tea bags).
Rates, fluctuating according to the occupancy rate, also vary according to the size of the room and, above all, the number of beds.

- ChaLodge, Best-Value Inn, Red Roof or Super 8 motels. And, of course, there is the unmissable Motel 6, usually the cheapest of the chains, almost all of whose establishments have been updated to the taste of the day. and some offer very decent rooms for the price! 

For hotels and motels

- Better to book in advance, at least in cities or frequented areas.

- Whether on the Internet or by phone, you will need to provide a payment card number. Upon your arrival, the receptionist will ask you for your credit card, even if you have already paid, in order to pay the incidentals: telephone charges, minibar, pay TV ...

- With some exceptions (preout.

- Most hôondes and fridge (and some AC). Wi-Fi free almost everywhere, with more or less network.

- Some hôàdire drink offered the customer a drink, around 17-18 p.m.

- The smokers.

Bed & Breakfast

In geout is often quite early (11am maximum).

Finally Yes children are not always welcome (to preserve the tranquility of the hosts ...), this rule can sometimes be adapted.

Finally, let us note that B & B have tended to become scarce in recent years: no longer profitable enough in the face of the growth of Airbnb and others ...

Bed and breakfast, rental of apartments or houses

An interesting formula for families, but for 2, not necessarily much cheaper than a hotel.

To book, you can go through a internet platform for connecting owners and tenants (Airbnb type). The offer is very tempting: attractive prices, exponential choice in all styles. The most modest budgets can also simply rent a end of the sofa.

Renting apartments or houses

An interesting formula for families (more space, the possibility of having meals on site, which represents a significant saving), but for 2 people, not necessarily much cheaper than a hotel.

  • VRBO : rental site between individuals, in English only.
  • See the practical file on vacation apartment rentals.

The exchange of apartments

These are United at lower costs, and will be of particular interest to young couples with children.

Two agencies have proven themselves:

  • Intervac
  • Homelink International
  • See the practical file on exchanging apartments.

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