Cape Verde: 6 must-see attractions

Cape Verde: 6 must-see attractions

Discover the archipelago of Cape Verde

Off the coast of Africa, the Cape Verde Islands are not yet a popular destination for tourists. However, the archipelago is magnificent. Immediate boarding for the essential Cape Verdeans to visit.

1. The Carnival of Mindelo

Mindelo, on the island of Sao Vicente, shines through the legend of Césaria Evora, the country's child star. Nothing better to feel Cape Verde than the birthplace of the Barefoot Diva since Mindelo is organizing a carnival in early February. You will not regret the detour: the city is a member of the very small club of the most beautiful bays in the world.

2. La vague of Ponta Preta

The island of Sal attracts windsurfers and kitesurfers from all over the world for its wave of Ponta Preta. The water wall is between two and five meters high and is sure to offer sporting emotions. Competitions are also organized there, but beginners will probably prefer to try the experience at Monte Leao or Ponta Leme, still on the island of Sal.

Cape Verde: 6 must-see attractions

3. L'Ascension du Pico do Fogo

For a memorable (sporting) experience, head to the island of Fogo, where the highest point of Cape Verde is located, at an altitude of 2829 meters. It is in fact a volcano, the last eruption of which was in 2014. Hiking trails allow the more adventurous to reach a breathtaking view of the island and the archipelago. Athletes will aim to approach the caldera of Cha Das Caldeiras, the crater of Pico do Fago.

Cape Verde: 6 must-see attractions

4. Santo Antao and its hiking trails

For those who don't have the strength, or the time, to climb Pico do Fogo, Santo Antao is a nice consolation prize. The most remote island of the Cape Verdean archipelago - the second largest too - is volcanic, with dense vegetation to the north and an arid south. A path allows you to cross the whole island, this sporty walk gives rise to the discovery of banana plantations, papaya cultivation and rum factories, the best of Cape Verde, it seems.

Cape Verde: 6 must-see attractions

5. The hatching of turtle eggs in Boa Vista

The animal star of Cape Verde is the caretta caretta turtle. Animal fans will prefer the island of Boa Vista to witness the laying between June and mid-October. The spot is one of the most popular to attend this moving event. Tours are organized to get as close as possible to the turtles without disturbing them. And the lucky ones may see the eggs hatch and the strain of babies trying to reach shore.

Cape Verde: 6 must-see attractions

6. The typical Praia market

The capital of the archipelago is not very interesting but the market of Praia is worth a visit for its stalls of fruits, vegetables, fish, meat. We meddle in the gourmet culture of the country, thanks to the culinary bric-a-brac unpacked in a hurry. Authentic!

Cape Verde: 6 must-see attractions

Enjoy the sweetness of the islands

If you do not yet know the Cape Verde Islands, maybe now is the time to discover them and live to the rhythm of the locals. These 6 essentials will give you a good overview of the beauty of this archipelago. Do not wait any longer, pack your bags and go!

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