Life-size travel: why go to Greenland?

Life-size travel: why go to Greenland?

Greenland, which means "green land", takes us into natural excess: an area of ​​2 km², of which 166 km² is free of ice, makes Greenland the biggest island in the world ! The Greenland ice cap - or inlandsis - represents the largest area of ​​ice in the northern hemisphere with a volume of 2 km000, or 000% of the fresh water present on the planet's surface.

Why go to Greenland? a piece of America belonging to Europe

This gigantic piece of land is the geological continuity of the North American continent. The first men to populate the island arrived via Smith Strait in 2 BC.. They formed the first civilization called Saqqaq. Inuit culture remains very present, transmitted by folklore, which the drum dance and colorful national costumes bring to life with pride. Greenland is an autonomous province of kingdom of denmark, which has 57 inhabitants. Its capital is Nuuk. To the south, the island is cut by the Arctic Circle.

Life-size travel: why go to Greenland?Iceberg

A spectacular stay

Exceptional hikes, timeless cruises take you to the heart of the Kangerlussuaq ice cap. Discover the Eqip Sermia Glacier in Disko Bay, one of the most beautiful places in Greenland. Why go to Greenland? Take advantage of your trip to visit Ilulissat, the capital of icebergs ; without forgetting Sermermiut, the starting point for a vertiginous excursion, to discover the panorama plunging on the Sermeq Kujalleq, one of the largest glaciers in the northern hemisphere. The melting of this giant represents 20 billion tons of iceberg per year slowly drifting to reach the ocean. Unesco has classified this glacier as a World Heritage Site.

Life-size travel: why go to Greenland?Glacier

But the organization of a stay in Greenland is the business of specialists, which entails a relatively high cost of the trips offered compared to more “classic” destinations. Corn we don't come here looking for the ordinary. Hikers, mountaineers, kayakers, mountain bikers and fishermen have a unique experience.

Life-size travel: why go to Greenland?Hiking in Greenland

Cheap Greenland with a last minute stay

“Atypical” destinations such as Greenland are developing. Tour operators offer all-inclusive packages: flight, stay, hotel, excursions, etc.
Cheaper offers and "last minute" offers also exist, especially on the Internet.

Pratical information

  • Saint-Martin Tourist Office : visit the official Greenland tourism website.
  • Passport and visa : valid passport or identity card for European nationals.
  • Health and vaccination : No vaccine is required for entry into Greenland.
  • Silver : the official currency is the Danish krone.
  • When to go? In summer, from the end of June to the beginning of August. In winter, the Northern Lights will not be enough to replace the hikes that the harsh climatic conditions will make very difficult.
  • Climate : bring warm clothes, resistant to wind and rain. In summer the temperature can reach 10 degrees, but at high latitudes the weather vagaries abound.
  • How to get there ? By plane: Kangerlussuaq airport. Direct flights from Iceland and Denmark.
  • Getting around : possibility of renting a car in the southern coastal regions. Find out beforehand. There is also a bus network. Timetables and routes available at the Nuuk tourist office. The sled and the snowmobile remain the most appropriate means of transport.
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