Cameroon: African wealth

Cameroon: African wealth

An authentic country

Cameroon, a cultural crossroads

Cameroon is located in the Gulf of Guinea. Bordered by Chad, the Central African Republic, Nigeria, Gabon, Congo and Guinea, this country also has an opening on the Atlantic.

This geographical location has enabled Cameroon to become a crossroads of African culture. With nearly 250 identified ethnic groups, Cameroon experiences significant cultural diversity. Thus, Douala, the largest city in the country, is very different from the capital Yaoundé, as from Buéa, a city famous for its magnificent hikes.

Cameroon, at the heart of nature

Cameroon's wealth is essentially cultural. You will discover unique landscapes and extraordinary nature reserves, throughout the territory.
Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Waza, in the north of the country, is one of the most famous parks in the country. Lions, antelopes, giraffes, ostriches, cheetahs and other elephants live together on an area of ​​170 hectares.
Enjoy the pleasures of a safari, in the middle of the savannah, or go trekking through the Bamboutos, Atlantika or Manengouba mountains. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Cameroonian gastronomy

Cameroon's wealth also lies in its culinary diversity. If certain dishes are found all over the country, such as Koki (bean cake), pistachio cake, the traditional “General Manager Chicken”, braised fish or meat kebabs (called Soya), each territory has its own. own specialty.

Cameroon: African wealth

Useful information

Area: 475 442 km2.
Capital city : Yaounde.
Population: 22 millions d'habitants.
Official languages ​​: French and English.
Change : the currency in force in Cameroon is the CFA franc. 1 euro = 656 FCFA.
Formalities: tourist visa valid for 30 days, non-renewable.

Equatorial domain: significant precipitation and high heat.
Tropical area: high temperatures, no rain.

In general, vigilance is essential throughout the year, even if certain periods are more at risk (during the end of year holidays, in particular). It is not uncommon, in fact, that around the months of December and January, insecurity increases.
Currently, the country is experiencing strong instability. The most important information is given in real time, on the page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The risk of malaria is high. Preventive treatment, prescribed by your doctor, as well as the use of mosquito repellants are necessary.
Pregnant women are not advised to travel to Cameroon.

Getting to Cameroon
Two international airports welcome flights from France. Before your departure, remember to compare prices to find a cheap plane ticket to Cameroon.

Yaoundé-Nsimalen International Airport
Phone. : +237 22 23 36 02 / + 237 22 23 17 44
Fax: + 237 22 23 45 20

Douala International Airport
Phone. : +237 33 42 35 26 / +237 33 42 36 30

Cameroon: African wealth

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