4 good reasons to visit Edinburgh

4 good reasons to visit Edinburgh

What to see and do in the Scottish capital?

A magnificent city, Edinburgh shelters, between history and modernity, a rich culture and a joyful and active atmosphere. You will see that the Scottish city is an ideal destination for a weekend trip!

Buildings steeped in history

The city of Edinburgh has many historical monuments, especially in its Old Town. We can mention, in particular, the inescapable Edinburgh Castle which dominates the city, Saint-Gilles Cathedral, Holyrood Palace… As you walk through Edinburgh's old town and the Royal Mile, you will be transported to another era.

4 good reasons to visit Edinburgh

Modern Edinburgh Life

If the city reflects a rich past, it is nonetheless modern and lively. To go out, the city has many pubs where you can drink a pint of beer and listen to music after dark. When it comes to shopping, Princess Street is full of shops of all kinds.

What about culture in all of this?

Each year, the Edinburgh International Festival takes place in the city. It is the largest annual cultural festival in the world, it encompasses several artistic and cultural fields.
The capital is also home to the National Museum of Scotland which presents various objects made in Scotland or brought back by explorers and scientists. The National Galleries of Scotland, on the other hand, present collections of permanent works and temporary exhibitions.

4 good reasons to visit Edinburgh

Try the 3D Loch Ness Experience

How to get to Scotland without thinking of Nessie, the famous monster of the Highlands? He is present in the city thanks to the 3D Loch Ness Experience. The exhibition is based on the studies of Adrian SHINE, a specialist in Loch Ness. We then discover 3D presentations as well as presentations on the facts and myths about Nessie.

You see, there are plenty of good reasons to go on a trip to Scotland and discover Edinburgh!

4 good reasons to visit Edinburgh

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