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The famous singer Amir, promotes tourism in Israel for France. A chance to get to know this country better and its many holy places of Judaism and Christianity. 4000 years of history have shaped the country and which has strong traditions. Zoom on the trip to Israel.

Israel Tourist Board wants to promote the country

The famous Franco-Israeli singer, whose real name is Laurent Amir Haddad, had the opportunity to promote Israel, in a mini series of twelve reports (1 minute 10) called “Land of creation with Amir”. Indeed, the celebrity has been selected by the Israeli Tourist Board to become the country's ambassador, so that he can promote it on television. During the episodes, Amir meets different people, artists, designers, gourmet restaurant chefs. This is the opportunity to show the hidden sides of the country like postcards. Amir reveals that he brought dozens of people to visit Israel with him and that each time their returns were identical, they did not expect to have such an experience because at first they had an opinion not based on this. country. Take off towards Israel!

Immortalize this atypical trip
This atypical trip will be the opportunity for you to take photos to immortalize these moments. And for the benefit of your family, you can always personalize your photo calendar.

When to go to Israel?

To take advantage of Israel's subtropical climate, it is advisable to go in spring or autumn. The country is placed between the sea and the desert. You will be able to take advantage of Israel and its beaches to bathe or to go on an adventure in the desert.

Here are 4 places you absolutely must include in your travel itinerary.

A walk in the desert of Israel

Negev Desert

The treks through the Negev desert are yours! You will visit the ancient Nabatean cities, but also the fortresses and its incredible agricultural landscapes of the Negev desert. This desert is located in the south of the country. These immense and arid lands of Israel were classified with the world heritage by Unesco in 2005. The desert of Negev at first sight inaccessible, was formerly a place of passage for the trade of the incense and the spices, between the peninsula arabic and the mediterranean.

A jump in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea

Take the opportunity to return to the North and make a jump in the Dead Sea. This immense lake with a surface area of ​​810 km² has the particularity of being salty. It is shared between three countries, Israel, Jordan and Palestine. This sea takes its name from the extreme salt concentration, in fact while seawater has a salinity of 2 to 4%, that of the Dead Sea is around 27,5%. This concentration of salt prevents all life, so no fish or algae can survive in these conditions. You will be able to experience an unprecedented moment of ultimate flotation in the lifeless salty waters. A little advice that would seem logical, avoid getting water in your eyes. Rest assured, you can easily rinse off after your swim because the beaches are equipped with different water points. You will need to hit the road further west towards Jerusalem.

Visit the Old City of Jerusalem

Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

If you want to enjoy the city of Jerusalem, put down the car and stroll through the Old City. Jerusalem is the spiritual center of Jews, Muslims and Christians, its past is rich with 5000 stories. It is imperative to visit the sacred sites of the holy city. You will be able to discover what made this city the place of worship of many people. You will be able to discover in particular the Western Wall, the Mount of the Temple, the Mount Zion or the Dome of the Rock. After this walk in Jerusalem direction, the North-West of the country in the city called without interruption called Tel Aviv.

Enjoy Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Wondering what are the best things to do in Tel Aviv? Tel Aviv is Israel's second largest city. Ideally located on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, it offers magnificent beaches to its visitors. Many curious people come to see this city, whether for work or for tourism. It is a city whose center is in perpetual motion, an active metropolis day and night that never stops. No wonder it's compared to New York and nicknamed the city that never sleeps. The heart of the city offers its shops and the main tourist attractions. In the North are located the richest districts of the city. You absolutely must take advantage of Tel Aviv's beaches and stroll along its coasts. You can enjoy a good meal in one of the many restaurants on the coast. Swimming is strongly recommended, but it is possible to practice outdoor nautical activities, diving, sailing, surfing, paddleboarding, etc.

So, are you ready to let yourself be fulfilled by Israel as Amir's guests? Or do you have opinions on this country that still prevent you from taking the plunge?

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