Djibouti: a small country full of natural wonders 

Djibouti: a small country full of natural wonders 

For Lonely Planet, Djibouti is a must-see destination in 2018

Djibouti is a very small country between Eritrea and Ethiopia, in the Horn of Africa around the Gulf of Tadjourah. It is a real natural wonder and a brand new train will run there in 2018. An always warm sea, sublime seabed, stirring magma, deserts, steam vents, deep lakes are among the wonders to discover absolutely.

A very varied nature

Even though Djibouti is a very small state, it is home to a very varied nature. Black lava fields rub shoulders with colonies of pink flamingos, natural chimneys that spit steam, deserts scorched by the sun and heavenly beaches.

Djibouti is the perfect place for adventure sports enthusiasts. We practice hiking but also diving with whale sharks in Ghoubbet bay between November and January. Kite-surfing and snorkeling are not to be outdone. Here, eco-tourism dominates and homestay accommodation allows you to discover the life of nomadic tribes.

Passage required by Djibouti and Ali Sabieh

The capital, Djibouti, is one of the must-see visits. Its city center can be explored on foot. The central market always offers a very lively atmosphere with its women khat sellers. We pass in front of the presidential palace to get to the Stopover which houses fishing and pleasure boats.

To join Ali Sabih from Djibouti, we cross amazing landscapes including two deserts where sand yachting does wonders.

Tadjourah for diving enthusiasts

It is the ideal destination for diving enthusiasts. Coral reefs are among the most beautiful in the world. The city is bordered by peaks which culminate at 1300 m of altitude.

Lake Assal and Lake Abbé: two wonders

Lake Assal is located 155 m below sea level. It is the third lowest point on our planet. Highly concentrated in salt, it contributes to the formation of gypsum beads and halite or rock salt which are deposited on its banks. The lake is surrounded by volcanic mountains and we meet camel drivers carrying palm leaves.

Close to the Ethiopian border, Lake Abbé is known for its natural chimneys created by the escape of subterranean vapors and shaped by the wind. You can admire the flamingos which evolve around the lake and the limestone chimneys.

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