Lisbon or Barcelona: which city is best for a citytrip?

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Both Lisbon and Barcelona are very attractive city break destinations, with each has its own strengths and tourism interests. Thus, it is difficult to be sure that you have made the right choice. Fortunately, you can take other criteria into account, allowing you to better choose your destination. This is the object of this destination match!

Lisbon VS Barcelona: the comparison criteria

To decide between Lisbon and Barcelona, ​​you just have to find the one that best meets your expectations through its tourist assets, of course, but also through other comparison criteria: the weather, the travel budget, the various activities or even the quality of the stay ...

Don Pedro IV Square, Lisbon

Remember that Lisbon is the capital and the largest city of Portugal. It stands out for its cultural attractions and its architectural heritage, such as the imposing Castle of Saint George (Castelo de São Jorge). This city is also favored by the proximity of the surrounding hills, the sea and the presence of the Tagus.

As for Barcelona, ​​capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia, it is a welcoming city that takes advantage of its openness to the Mediterranean. Festive, attractive, cosmopolitan and multicultural, Barcelona is famous for its architectural and historical heritages. So that those who visited it were able to combine cultural visits and relaxation.

Which city to choose according to the climate and the weather?

The most climate-friendly city is one that has sufficiently pleasant climatic conditions for the bright and sunny days to follow one another.

Best weather: Lisbon and Barcelona

When it comes to climate, Lisbon has nothing to envy Barcelona. And for good reason, these two cities, characterized respectively by a temperate oceanic climate and a Mediterranean-type climate, benefit from superb climatic conditions practically all year round. Indeed, they enjoy a pleasantly mild atmosphere in winter and are embellished with magnificent sunshine, from March to November. From a climatic point of view, Lisbon and Barcelona are suitable for outdoor activities, and are therefore tied.

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Which city to choose according to the price of plane tickets?

The cheapest airline ticket prices during low and high tourist season are used as a point of comparison to find the preferred destination.

The cheapest average round trip price: Barcelona

Favored by its proximity to the South of France, Barcelona is a relatively economical destination, question price of return plane tickets. On the prices of flights from Paris to Lisbon and those from Paris to Barcelona, ​​we can note a price difference of around sixty euros, to the advantage of Barcelona. As the seasons go by, the prize for the cheapest plane ticket goes to Barcelona.


The destination to choose according to your budget

By taking into account the costs of living during the stay, it is possible to determine which city is the most accessible with a reasonable travel budget.

The cheapest city: Lisbon

Based on the cheapest cost of living, the Portuguese capital turns out to be the most attractive destination. By adding all the expenses related to accommodation, catering, transport, the purchase of souvenirs and various activities: a stay in Lisbon is less budget-intensive than a stay in the Catalan capital. It is above all the price of accommodation in Barcelona that quickly drives up the budget.

Quality of life: health, safety, pollution

Which city is best for well-being: Lisbon or Barcelona? To get the answer, all you have to do is look at health and safety issues.

It's good to live in Lisbon

Both the Portuguese capital and the Catalan capital are among the cities where life is good in Europe. They both benefit from a fairly elaborate care system, with satisfactory and reassuring services. Only, the level of security in the Portuguese capital is more reassuring. Likewise, the air we breathe there is relatively less polluted than that which characterizes the city of Barcelona.

Rossio Square, Lisbon

Which city to choose according to travelers' opinions: Lisbon or Barcelona?

If you're still having trouble making up your mind, you can also rely on the reviews of travelers who have had a successful stay in Barcelona or Lisbon.

Travelers prefer: Lisbon and Barcelona

Travelers are divided when it comes to choosing the most welcoming city, between the Catalan capital and the city of the 7 hills of Portugal. Those who love authenticity and architectural heritage defend Lisbon, because of its monuments with incredible architecture. It is the same for those who like the festive atmosphere, unusual places imbued with modernity and originality.

As for Barcelona, ​​it certainly appeals to football fans who will be able to admire the Barça team (FC Barcelona) there, but also those who wish to discover the basilica of the Sagrada Família, the most representative of the modernist architecture of the city. The city is also appreciated for the proximity of its beaches where it is possible to enjoy the sun and the sea.

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Which destination to choose for a weekend or a week: Lisbon or Barcelona?

Which destination to choose according to the time you have available: Lisbon or Barcelona? To answer it, you just need to find out what activities to do during that time.

For a romantic weekend, prefer Lisbon

Lisbon is a destination that lends itself particularly well to romantic getaways for a weekend. And for good reason, the city favors a cultural stopover, via site visits aboard the old trams that roam its alleys. Lovers can enjoy the breathtaking views of the panoramic mouth of the Tagus or even enjoy an evening in trendy bars, where we sing fado while tasting the wines and gastronomic delicacies which make the country famous.

Hieronymites Monastery, Lisbon

For a week, prefer Barcelona

The Catalan capital is the perfect destination for a stay of a week or more, with family or friends. Barcelona is a festive and multicultural city that will appeal to young and old alike. It is full of unmissable places and historical monuments, including the famous Las Ramblas avenue, the famous football stadium in Camp Nou. Holidaymakers can take advantage of the small restaurants along the beach and enjoy a hearty breakfast in front of the sunrise over the sea. In short, young people will not have time to be bored between the days of discovery and the festive atmosphere. in coctelerías (cocktail bars) or whiskerias.

Which city to choose, depending on the places of interest to visit?

The success of a stay depends on the quality of the accommodation but also on the diversity of the activities to be done. So which city is more attractive, in terms of cultural discovery, Lisbon or Barcelona?

The city with the most UNESCO-listed sites: Barcelona

The cultural richness of Barcelona is undeniable. The city is home to the works of Antoni Gaudí, including Park Güell, Palazzo Güell, Casa Milà, Casa Batlló, Casa Vicens, the Crypt and Nativity Façade of the Sagrada Família and the Crypt of Colony Güell in Barcelona. It is also in Barcelona that one can discover the Palace of Catalan Music and the Hospital of Sant Pau.

Note, however, that Lisbon is home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites : the Jerónimos Monastery (Hieronymites monastery), the Tower of Belém, and Lisbon Baixa or the historic district of Pombaline (inscribed on the indicative list).

Church of Saint Francis de Sales, Barcelona

The most cultural destination: Lisbon and Barcelona

Thanks to their respective cultural riches, the cities of Lisbon and Barcelona are among the most popular destinations for lovers of cultural discoveries. If the capital of Catalonia, with its Basilica of the Sagrada Família, offers the promise of a visit that is at the same time architectural, historical and authentic, The City of the 7 Hills can compete in interest, thanks to its many museums, districts and historical monuments. It is in Lisbon that one can discover the majestic Saint-Georges Castle.

So which is your choice: Lisbon or Barcelona?

Now that you know the other factors that can influence the success of your stay, all you have to do is choose the winner of this destinations match. Unmissable destination for those passionate about cultural discovery and romantic getaways, Lisbon will dazzle you for a weekend. On the other hand, to diversify the pleasures and combine cultural visits and relaxation as well as seaside entertainment, the best destination is undoubtedly Barcelona. Let us know in the comments what you think!

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