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Price comparators compete for ideas to find the best deals on the net

(Editorial) Concerning car rental, competition is fierce on search engines: the offer is increasingly vast and tour operators do not want to sacrifice their reputation by offering mediocre quality service. We must therefore find a compromise between quality and price, especially for the most successful destinations. At Easyvoyage, “we select very competitive car rental offers”. The largest rental companies such as Hertz or Avis are involved. Discover the advantages of a service like no other ...

Compare car prices in a few clicks

Your plane or train ticket is booked, your stay planned until your place of accommodation? All you have to do is hire a car at your place of arrival. Via the Internet, it's very simple: with Easyvoyage's price comparison engine, select your dates and place of stay to see the prices of the cheapest rental vehicles.

Tailor-made freedom

Depending on the category of vehicle rented and the city of destination, Easyvoyage will not offer you the same vehicle rental companies. The formulas are adaptable, you can add or remove options. The prices are therefore more easily adjustable, even before your departure. It is ideal for a flawless organization of your trips.

Major cities acclaimed

The favorite destinations of Internet users are classic, but prestigious: cities such as Casablanca, London and Marrakech are enjoying great success. Discover the advantages of a car rental in Casablanca or the reasons to travel by car in Marrakech: a simple, economical and efficient way to organize your holidays or business trips.

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