The 10 most spellbinding photos of the Earth from the sky

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Earth View: the most beautiful photos of the planet on Google Earth

Photos more beautiful than the others

The Earth View photographic series is a vast compilation of images of our planet seen from the heavens. This collection brings together the most striking views of the earth from the sky, available on Google Earth. These are images captured by different satellites placed in orbit above our planet.

Everyone can navigate as they please among the images, and discover unsuspected corners of our planet. In addition, if you flash on one of these extraordinary views, you can easily download them and use them as wallpapers, or as cover pages for your computer files.

Associated with Chrome, the Earthg View application also allows you to launch a random association of images of the planet, evolving, which will bring a touch of originality to your various web tabs.

Aerial shots to keep your feet on the ground

These different aerial images from the Earth View collection paradoxically allow man to keep his feet on the ground. Their strong impact is due to this dizzying impression of gigantism and fragility mixed together.

With these images, the cultivated fields, the rivers, the waves approaching the sand, the architecture of the city take on a whole new dimension. And once again demonstrate the beauty of our planet.

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