Cashback and travel: how to get reimbursed for part of your reservations?

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Do you want to travel more often for weekends or holidays, or to save money on your trips so as not to increase your budget? Know that there are several tips to travel cheaper. You can travel during off-peak periods, take advantage of last-minute deals, use price comparators, or even negotiate the price of your accommodation. You can also be reimbursed for part of your trip thanks to cashback. Combine cashback and travel, a simple and quick practice to set up. We will explain everything to you !

What is cashback?

Invented for the banking system in 1970, cashback was a system that allowed holders of payment cards to use them as much as possible, while giving them a bonus around 1% of transactions made with the card. This system, taken over by e-commerce, is a simple and legal way to get a percentage of your online purchases refunded and even in store (between 1% and 10% approximately excluding tax). When you make a purchase on a merchant site that has a partnership with the cashback site used, the latter receives a commission, part of which is returned to you.

Cashback on travel booking sites

Many travel sites are present on these platforms, such as last minute shopping sites, hotel rentals, plane or train ticket purchases, car rental, etc. Cashback sites sometimes even offer cumulative discounts in addition to cashback. You can directly go through the cashback platform, by going to the directory of merchant sites offered, under the travel section. Then you buy your trip and within 30 days you have the refund in your account. When you have seen the first refunds arriving in your account, it will quickly become natural to mix cashback and travel for your future preparations!

Once the sum exceeds a certain amount (10 to 20 € on average), you can collect the money directly from your bank account. If you travel a lot, your fundraiser can climb very quickly, allowing you to fund your next trip. For example, you can find at EBuyClub:

  • Up to € 60 reimbursed with certain tour operators,
  • Up to 6% on accommodation reservation sites,
  • 2% for train ticket purchases,
  • 8% refunded for car rental, etc.

By cumulating all these reimbursements, you can quickly afford your next getaway!

Which cashback sites to use?

There are several cashback platforms, but it is important to use only one. Indeed, a cookie is placed once you go to the merchant site through the platform. If it detects another, you may be refused cashback.

EbuyClub has more than 2 partner sites, including more than 500 in the “travel” section. There are often exclusive offers, allowing an increase in cashback compared to the usual offer. In addition, they offer coupons but also offers valid in stores. Also, if you refer a friend, you get € 3 back when they register and 10% for life of all their earnings!

In addition, we have negotiated with EBuyClub to make you benefit froma welcome bonus of € 6 instead of € 3 when registering, simply by going through this link. You will then be able to sponsor your friends and thus recover your referral bonuses!

Explore the Travel section of the Ebuyclub website

How to have a maximum of refunds?

Once you are registered via our exclusive link, you can install the toolbar (a navigation bar available on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer), directly on your browser. This allows you to quickly know if the site is a partner or not! Be careful that the toolbar is connected to your account. This tool also allows you to test coupon codes automatically on the site.

You can also customize offers offered by EBuyClub. Indeed, you can choose to receive offers relating to areas of interest such as travel, or even from certain merchant sites directly. All this by simply putting them in your favorites.

You also so-called "CashBackissimes" offers which allow you to have big discounts for a first purchase from a merchant. These offers are then replaced by exclusive CashBacks, often available for 24 hours. If you are planning a trip well in advance, you might as well check for a few days whether some travel merchants do not have these type of offers going.

You can also activer the geolocalisation, to see if there are stores offering cashback near you. Finally, as we have already mentioned above, you can also sponsor your friends to recover € 3 when they register and then 10% of their earnings for life. But to understand this, nothing better than a small diagram:

Explanation of the sponsorship system: additional earnings for you!

Also take advantage of the cashback on your other online purchases

Beyond the cashback and travel combination, you can get even more refunds back. If you need new clothes, add to your photo kit or take care of your pet, you can also take advantage of cashback on non-travel merchant sites.

For example, you can find:

  • Up to 15% cashback in beauty stores,
  • Up to 10% for the purchase of clothes,
  • Up to 6% for jewelry.

These good deals allow you, for example, to spoil your loved ones for their birthdays, Christmas or holidays, while getting a refund on them.. Enough to allow you to complete your fund for your next trip!

Some examples on the Ebuyclub site

Savings, cashback and travel… an obvious combination!

By combining all the advice for traveling at reduced prices and taking advantage of the cashback on your travel (or other) purchases, it has never been easier to travel cheaper. And you, have you ever used cashback platforms to make your trip? Have you thought about accumulating good deals? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

And if it is not done, test this trick by going to register (and benefit immediately from your bonus of 6 € transferred to your account) ↓

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