Finnish Lapland in winter: a majestic and magical stay

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Trip to Santa's country

Lapland is a northern region of Europe stretching from northern Norway and Sweden to Russia via Finland. This majestic and magical site is very visited in summer for its vast plains, its wild nature and in winter for its snow-covered landscapes and its famous Santa Claus village.

Santa Claus: a village of a thousand emotions

It is in the region of Rovaniemi, capital of Finnish Lapland that the village of Santa Claus is installed. On the Arctic Circle, Santa Claus thus receives all the children of the world who wish to meet him. Santa's office, huge post office, exhibitions on Christmas traditions, elf toy factory: there are many activities in the village.

The village of Santa Claus in the region of Rovaniemi

In a magical setting of lights and garlands, this village in the heart of pine forests covered with snow welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists every year for Christmas. The city of Rovaniemi, located a few kilometers away, is thus served by an airport and numerous hotel complexes. Several travel agencies listed by the Finnish Tourist Office offer packages with a visit to the village, sports activities and a magical New Year's Eve.

An immersion in the heart of boreal nature

To take full advantage of this exceptional region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, special activities are offered. You will be able to walk the snow-covered paths during snowmobile safaris, breathe the pure arctic air during dog sledding, or to do long snowshoe walks or cross-country skiing ...

Snowmobile in Lapland (cc) D Mz / Pixabay

Also discover a very original activity, the golf on lake or frozen river, unforgettable experience. Some tour operators offer nights in traditional chalets with sauna or in glass igloo heated to minus 30 degrees outside, for observe this magical moment that is the aurora borealis.

The famous Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland

Because Lapland is also the birthplace of reindeer herding, take advantage of your trip to meet the Saamis, indigenous people of the north of the Scandinavian peninsula. You will be able to visit one of their farms and their huge herds.

Encounter with a reindeer (cc) Ugur Arpaci / Unsplash

For young and old, Lapland remains a dream location that you shouldn't hesitate to discover. And you, does that make you dream?

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