Café Britt and Chocolate Tasting Tour from San Jose

You probably know that Costa Rica produces excellent coffees. Learn about the life cycle of gourmet coffee on this day trip to Café Britt, one of the country's top coffee plantations. Discover the secrets of the experts to select, roast and package the best beans. Start and end the tour with a tasting of different coffees with chocolate. A delicious buffet lunch and round-trip transportation to San José are included. Back home, you'll know how to "break the crust", a method used by specialists to evaluate and rate coffee.

After an early morning pickup from your San José hotel, travel north with your guide approximately 12 km to Heredia, Costa Rica's smallest province, dotted with charming villages, coffee plantations and lush vegetation. dense. Take winding roads to the tiny town of Barva de Heredia and arrive at Café Britt, one of the most famous coffee producers in the country. Founded in 1985, Café Britt is proud to be Costa Rica's first gourmet coffee roaster.

Begin your 1,5-hour tour of the sustainable coffee farm with tasting of two freshly produced coffees and chocolate. At the nursery, watch a live presentation that traces the life cycle of coffee beans and the breeding process. Find out how the country's unique climate and varied soils provide the ideal conditions for growing gourmet quality beans.

At the roaster level, discover the secrets of Café Britt's various roasting and packaging techniques that allow the beans, delivered to the four corners of the world, to keep their freshness. Discover how experts "break the crust" of coffee to identify and rate its quality.

By then, the intoxicating aromas will surely have whetted your appetite. Walk to the site restaurant, through lush gardens. With traditional music playing in the background, enjoy a buffet lunch made from local ingredients, including a salad, several dishes to choose from (vegetarian dish available), dessert, juices and water .

What better way to end a meal on a coffee plantation than a visit to its coffee bar? Enjoy the coffee drink of your choice, accompanied by chocolate. Then, stroll through the plantation shop and choose some coffee to take home (transportation possible) before re-boarding your minivan for the drive back to San José.

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