Dinner, traditional music and dance in San José

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Enjoy an evening of typical Costa Rican food and culture at a hillside restaurant with spectacular views of San José. Enjoy a quality buffet dinner and watch the dancers dressed in festive costumes move to the music played in front of you during a traditional show. Snapshots and historic memorabilia decorate the spacious interior, and an outdoor terrace allows you to take panoramic photos of the Central Valley. A fireworks display closes this exceptional evening away from the city.

After being picked up from your San José hotel in the early evening, travel aboard a comfortable coach toward the beautiful hills that surround the city. Enjoy magnificent views of Costa Rica's capital shimmering below.

Your coach arrives at a spacious restaurant with large windows with panoramic views of the valley. Feel free to wander around this lovely site, decorated inside and out with Costa Rican crafts and historical memorabilia. Browse the stalls of local artisans. They may inspire you and allow you to bring back the ideal souvenir.

A friendly member of staff shows you to your table and explains the dishes on offer for the buffet dinner. A fine selection of meats, rice, beans, salads and desserts is on offer.

You will be able to taste some dishes such as olla de carne, a typical meat stew, chifrijo, a popular dish consisting of layers of red beans, meat, rice and sauce made from chopped tomatoes, and typical chicharones de la zona, a regional dish made with fried pork. Your main course is accompanied by empanaditas de queso (cheese turnovers), or picadillo de arracache, a salad of delicious root vegetables from the Andes. Among the traditional desserts, you will find rice pudding, plantains with honey, or bananas with a sweet sauce. Most palates will find what they are looking for in the multitude of dishes on offer!

Watch women in long, colorful dresses twirl around with equally well-dressed men. The music and dances performed in front of you testify to a part of Costa Rican culture that stems from centuries-old traditions. They go wonderfully with this authentic meal.

A colorful fireworks display brings the evening to a spectacular finale. Your coach then returns you to your San Jose hotel at the end of the tour.

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