The fortress of Kuelap, the other wonder of Peru

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Forget Machu Picchu, here is the fortress of Kuelap

Fairly unknown to the general public, the fortress of Kuelap has everything to offer to tourists coming to discover the Peruvian landscapes. Yes, it's not just Machu Picchu in Peru!

Kuelap Fortress, a mysterious archaeological site

The fortress of Kuelap is a most surprising monument. To finally be able to see it, you have to cross the relief of northern Peru, hours of driving or even days if you opt for a trek, and finally arrive at the archaeological site, not far from the city of Chachapoyas. Extending over an area of ​​nearly 30 hectares, including 6 hectares for the only fortress, this city would date from the 10th century and was discovered in 1843. The ruins which compose it are in the wild state, entangled in the plants, the nature having taken again its place.

Peru's new tourist asset

This fortress, located in the heart of the Amazonian mountains, previously difficult to access, is now open to visitors. In order to make this unique site known, the Peruvian state has indeed decided to install cable cars. These will allow tourists to reach the fortress of Kuelap in 20 minutes of air travel, against previously 3 hours of walking.

The objective is to make people discover this incredible site, like Machu Picchu which attracts nearly a million visitors each year. The Peruvian state thus wishes to increase the attractiveness of tourists to this fortress, which until then only received about 40 tourists per year, and to develop a new branch of the economy thanks to the setting up a tourist circuit.

A question remains, however, with this progress: does the site not risk losing its uniqueness & eeacute; and its mystery with the flood of tourists it is now likely to attract?

More information on the archaeological site of Kuelap on the website of the Peruvian tourist office.

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