Luxury stay in Marrakech: 11 ideas for unforgettable experiences

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Imperial city in southern Morocco at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is the certainty of an unforgettable stay where the change of scenery is everywhere. Nicknamed the “red city” because of its walls which blaze with the setting sun, this African city was classified as a Unesco heritage for its many tourist attractions. It has the power to awaken all the senses. Here the beauty of the landscapes, of the architecture mingles with the sweet scents of spices. Bewitching, fascinating, bewitching, captivating, Marrakech offers you a thousand and one possibilities for prestigious vacations cradled by the magic of the Orient.

Here are our ideas for a luxury stay.

4 × 4 outing in the desert: between thrills and emotions

Your stay in Marrakech could not begin without a 4 × 4 ride for the day or for half a day which will allow you to discover more in depth this fascinating country that is Morocco, fromadmire a wide variety of landscapes and to make beautiful human encounters. Let yourself be guided on tracks to the desert plateaus of the High Atlas, through small Berber villages, wadis and oases, or the Agafay desert ...

4 × 4 in the Moroccan desert (cc) Artur Aldyrkhanov / Unsplash

A magical night in the desert in a luxury bivouac

Live an unforgettable adventure while passing one night in a luxurious bivouac, fully equipped, ensuring absolute comfort. After a camel ride, you will spend a night under a Lodge tent in the Agafay desert, a reg (a desert of stones) located in the region of Marrakech that will disconnect you from reality. Let yourself be won over by the calm of this night in the desert… and fill up with unforgettable memories.

Gourmet experiences in an exceptional setting

Treat yourself to a gourmet getaway in a dream setting! The Agafay desert, at the gates of Marrakech, offers you an ideal setting for a private dinner or tea in the desert.

The Great Table of Marrakech (at the Royal Mansour), one of the best gourmet restaurants in the country invites you to discover the Moroccan culinary art. Between traditions and innovations, the richness of the terroir revealed on sumptuous tables is served to you with the greatest refinement.

The Great Moroccan Table at the Royal Mansour

Organize an evening in a luxury villa

Share precious moments with your loved ones by renting a luxury villa for an evening. In honor of a wedding, to celebrate with panache a birthday, a team building, a corporate event or for any other occasion, opt for the rental of a villa in Marrakech and organize your evening in a charming villa , a riad, a luxury villa with swimming pool… in the remarkable setting of the “Pearl of the South”.

The Yves-Saint-Laurent museum, in the intimacy of the great couturier

It was in 1966 that Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé discovered Morocco and the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas for the first time. Love at first sight for this magical country is such that they buy a small house in the Medina of Marrakech. The famous couturier who, at his beginnings, swore only by the color black therefore draws his inspiration from the soul and the colors of this country and from this “red city” where he goes several times a year. On the death of Yves Saint-Laurent, Pierre Bergé pays tribute to the French creator, his work and the country that inspired him so much, by creating a 4000 m2 museum which houses, among other things, part of the haute-couture collection, drawings, sketches, and many souvenirs.

The Yves-Saint-Laurent museum

A cool break in the Majorelle garden

The visit of the Yves-Saint-Laurent museum continues with that of the Majorelle Garden, a green oasis of 9000 m2 saved and sublimated by the couturier and his companion. This garden, one of the most enchanting of Morocco, unrolls a labyrinth of picturesque and refreshing alleys where trees and exotic plants coexist from the four corners of the world.

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Haras Selman Marrakech and its Arabian thoroughbreds

Introduced in Morocco in the 7th century, Arabian thoroughbreds, a breed of horses from Saudi Arabia very popular in Morocco, is also one of the most prestigious by the both singular and majestic allure of these equines. Do not miss a visit to the luxurious Selman Marrakech stud farm and its Andalusian architecture which houses horses belonging to the owners' private breeding. Most of these magnificent frames have won beauty awards and international competitions.

Haras Selman Marrakech

Thalasso or Spa in Marrakech

Located 180 km from the west coast of Morocco, Marrakech offers balneotherapy centers with treatments ranging from the most classic to the most innovative in a universe worthy of the Thousand and One Nights. You will experience intense moments of relaxation in an enchanting setting with the peaks of the High Atlas as a horizon. There is no shortage of prestigious establishments… you just have to make your choice.

Moments of relaxation at the Golf

During a stay in Morocco, Marrakech will meet all expectations with regard to the many possible activities. Among them, we must mention golf, because the city has a dozen top-of-the-range courses, such as the Golf de la Palmeraie. Located in the famous palm grove of Marrakech, it offers an 18-hole par 72 course. You will also find a sports hall, several shops as well as a sports hall and various infrastructures.

Palm Golf Marrakech

Unmissable shopping session, the best addresses

For most visitors looking for luxury, there is a great temptation to give in for a Moroccan handicraft. Articles in leather, copper, jewelry, embroidered clothing…. you will find in the Medina and its labyrinth of alleys, a host of craftsmen and traders who will offer you products, each more beautiful than the next.

For resolutely chic and trendy shopping, head to the Guéliz district where there are a number of designer boutiques, designers and art galleries. 10 minutes from downtown, the Sidi Ghanem district will give you a modern shopping experience to buy clothes, decorative items or furniture from international brands.

Take advantage of your visit to the Majorelle garden to make a stop in the elegant boutique “33 rue Majorelle” which will appeal to all fans of design and offbeat objects imagined by Moroccan and international designers. The boutique in the Majorelle garden also offers you a relaxing break in its café, where it is not uncommon to meet Pierre Bergé.

Fly over Morocco in a hot air balloon

Take to the skies to discover and admire the sumptuous Moroccan landscapes in a hot air balloon. Fly over the Atlas duringan exceptional aerial adventure which will forever be etched in your memories. This unique experience, supervised by professionals, will be the highlight of your stay in Morocco, an African country as exotic as it is enchanting ...

Any other ideas for your stay in Marrakech?

These few ideas should allow any traveler in search of luxury to leave serenely. There is no shortage of exceptional visits and activities within the imperial city: so let yourself go and follow your desires. And don't forget to share your other ideas for an unforgettable stay in Marrakech in the comments!

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