Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation San Francisco

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation San Francisco

The accommodation is particularly, even more in July-August, or when important conferences are held in town. Conversely, the minimum prices are observed during the week, out of season; you will then often be able to use the discount coupons from specialized magazines, distributed everywhere.

- AJ are a little less prone to $ 180, which is quite expensive! Advantages: parking is free (but sometimes full, because there are often fewer spaces than rooms!) And for those traveling with family, rooms with 2 beds can accommodate 4 people, and are usually not much more expensive than for 2 (about $ 10 per person more).

Attention, the mattress size in rooms with 2 beds varies by establishment; in the best case, they are queen size (about 150 cm wide), but more often they are full size (more 135 cm, so not very wide).
For Hotel classic or a B & B, don't expect too much to get by for less than $ 150 with a shared bathroom (not so rare in San Francisco!), and $ 200 with a private bathroom, with rates climbing up to $ 300 and more depending on the charm and comfort. 

Downtown and Tenderloin

The greatest concentration of hotels de San Francisco is in the Downtown area, just outside Union Square and going west towards the Tenderloin.

You might as well be homeless (homeless). Many old cheap hotels have been converted into hostels there, and all those who have not been able to access them remain in the streets, in a particularly sordid state of decay. Some will be rightly embarrassed, even scared, but street people are generally not dangerous (just avoid showing outward signs of wealth and ignore alcoholics and drug addicts ...).

Otherwise, we will appreciate the usual qualities of the Downtown: its animation (especially during the day) and its central location.

Marina, Cow Hollow and Pacific Heights

This is where most of the motels, very useful if you arrive at night from the north (Highway 101). Motorized vehicles will particularly appreciate the free parking, although many establishments have fewer places than rooms (first come, first served!), but will have to deal with noisy surroundings, especially for addresses located on Lombard Street.

Breakfast often included: cereals, toast and coffee available at reception and you take your pittance to your room.

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