Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Poland

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Poland


Enough, even trècars). The pitches are rarely demarcated and we set up a little where we want - where we can in high season!

  • Complete list in the Poland Map of Campsites brochure, available from Polish tourist offices abroad, or directly from the federation.
  • Information from the Polish Camping and Caravanning Federation.

Mountain chalets

In the mountains, hikers go on their own, especially in the evening. If no bed is available in the bedrooms, we are always entitled to a place on the floor.

Youth hostels (schronisko młodzieżowe)

Over 150 hostels are affiliated with the Polish Youth Hostel Federation (PTSM) all over Poland. There are 2 kinds: perms, open all year round, and seasonal, which are set up in July and August in schools.
Typically, permanent staff are better laid out and sometimes have double or triple rooms, while others invariably have 10 or 15 cots in a classroom. Admittedly, there is usually a kitchen, but rarely very cozy given the age, the look of the buildings and the lack of conviviality of the common spaces.

The rules are often the same: between 10 a.m. and 17 p.m., you have to leave the premises (you can leave your belongings). In the evening, the door closes at 22 p.m. or 23 p.m., except by prior arrangement. At certain times, these AJs are invaded by school groups, often very young. Space may therefore be lacking ... but not noise!

Prices are around Zl 30-40 per person. The international youth hostel card is not necessarily necessary, but it gives the right to reductions.

  • Polish Youth Hostel Federation (PTSM)

The hostels

If the institutional AJ n & rsquo 6 beds), good mattresses with good hair available!

The structures are available on site.

In large cities, activitypong, etc. The only downside is the price: in this kind of AJ, it is better to count on 40 to 80 Zl per person.

University hotels

En July and August, university residences are open to tourists. Slightly more expensive than youth hostels, they remain affordable, especially since the international student card generally gives the right to a reduction.

To find them, contact the tourist offices or, possibly, Almatur, the student travel agency.

The rooms are generally for 1, 2, 3 or 4 people, with toilets and showers upstairs - in some university residences there are even individual bathrooms, even a basic kitchen (often just a fridge). TV room, computer, wifi and laundry are also most often available and some places have a university canteen.

It remains to be seen that these accommodations are often quite out of the way and rarely very fun in terms of architecture and atmosphere!


In éEsprit, or large pension echoes to envy a family hotel, with a garden equipped with barbecue, inflatable swimming pool and games for children.

Prices therefore vary quite a bit but remain generally lower than those of real hotels.

Be aware, however, that if a few rooms inquoville.

If you please specify the location.

Agriturismo (agroturystyke)

Stays on rural farms are becoming popular in Poland. Accommodation in rustic bed and breakfasts is most frequently organized in separate rooms from the main house. There are also entire houses specially equipped for rental, which have bedrooms with bathrooms.

They are classified into 3 categories: 1, 2 or 3 suns, allocated not only according to comfort and equipment, but also tourist offers (meals, participation in farm work, courses, etc.).


Quality, something to envy to those of Western Europe, both in terms of decoration and equipment. The late state hotels (which are still called Orbis) have entered into an agreement with the Accor group, which has given them quite a facelift.

The reception, now often bilingual, has also improved significantly since the communist period!

The current problem is more to find space, even out of season, in tourist towns like Warsaw, Krakow or Gdańsk; so BOOK if you know your dates.

The historic houses

Some historic homes, palaces, castles, mansions, have begun their transformation into the hotel industry (generally luxury). This is the opportunity to offer you stages cradled by the patina of eternal Poland, with generally a good level of comfort ... The bill, admittedly high, is not commensurate with what you would pay in an equivalent address in Western Europe.

  • See heritagehotels.pl

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