Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Azerbaijan

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Azerbaijan


There are 3 types of hotels, small hotels, luxury hotels or resorts, whose prices soar in season and are daringly negotiable the rest of the year.

Soviet hotels

You still have a few left.

Inexpensive though they are, the rates remain overvalued with regard to the services offered (no breakfast, no bathroom and a dedicated room staff in the quest for tips for the issuance of a sheet of toilet paper) . Unless you have a very light purse, you will benefit from spending a little more on homestays.

Warning, local tour operators often present these Soviet hotels as very decent stops billed as if they were modern establishments. Upon arrival, you realize that you would have paid three times less by doing it yourself. But since getting the visa assumes you've booked all of your hotel nights, you don't really have a choice. Try to find out as much as possible before paying.

Private hotels

In the reprix much less interesting.

Luxury hotels

In Baku, there is no shortage of large hotels frequented by businessmen in the oil sector. They are located in the modern part of the city, often close to the seafront. Very good comfort and services, but obviously exorbitant prices.

Holiday villages

Most of those villages where the Russian elite came on vacation are still functioning. Let us quote those of Nabran, north of Baku, Altiagaj and Istisu. These villages are made up of chalets or bungalows scattered around parks. Some have a swimming pool.

Bed & Breakfast and guesthouses

The homestay formula is starting to appear in Azerbaijan, this type of accommodation is still in its infancy. The establishments remain very discreet, most of the owners exercise without an official license. Also, to make reservations, it is often easier to go through a local operator.

There are mostly guesthouses in the countryside and in tourist towns like Sheki.

Camping site

The campsite is trèopéci will systematically offer you accommodation with locals or in structures on site.

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