Where to sleep, accommodation and hotels New York

Where to sleep, accommodation and hotels New York

Price is better.

Like everywhere in the United States and increasingly in the rest of the world, prices in New York vary a lot depending on hotel occupancy rates - and therefore, roughly, depending on the tourist season (the yield management system).

January and February-June, the end of the week is generally more busy (and therefore more expensive) than the week. It is especially the hotels that are subject to these enormous price variations (from simple to triple sometimes!), The difference is less obvious in the AJ. As for guest houses, they generally practice more or less fixed rates all year round.

In all cases, it is strongly recommended to book as long as possible in advance.

- With exceptions (pre $ 3,50 per room and per night depending on the type of accommodation).

The youth hostels

EspèUnis, the young AméUnis (700 beds), and the 2nd in the world!
The others are of very uneven quality. Some are downright spotless, modern, well maintained, safe (like the one in Queens, only 20 minutes by subway from Times Square; or Bushwick, Brooklyn), others a bit on the borderline.
Price side, they are more expensive than with us: from $ 30 to $ 60 per night in a dormitory (plus tax). You can sometimes also find basic double rooms there, but for the price, it is sometimes better to book a budget hotel. Unless otherwise specified, the AJs are accessible to all, without age limit, and do not require a membership card.


This is not what Manhattan lacks. Most are concentrated around Times Square, Theater District and towards Madison Square Garden. The more you go down towards the southern tip, the more hotels become scarce and you will have to pay the price anyway.

In refere $ 250 minimum. Prices are constantly changing.

Likewise, you should know that many hotels offer rooms of different types (with 1 more or less large double bed, with 2 double beds, more single, more spacious, better equipped ...), and that the price, of course , will also be fixed accordingly.

In short, faced with the large number of parameters determining what, at the end of the day, you will have to pay, we have simply decided to indicate the price range inside which the hotel can rent its rooms 2 for people, whether it is a room with 1 double bed or a room with 2 double beds in which a family of 4 can also (sometimes at no extra cost)…

- Most hotels offer rooms equipped with TV, air conditioning and sanitary facilities. Some small, inexpensive hotels have shared bathrooms, but they are generally very well maintained. Wi-Fi everywhere (most often free, with more or less network) and sometimes also a computer available in the common areas.

- Few hotels include breakfast in the price of the night.

- Hospitals, we tell you some of the most recent, with glass architectures offering unobstructed urban views.

- If local calls are often free, long distance communications from a hotel room telephone are horribly expensive.

B & B's, guesthouses and homestays

Fashionable B & Prices. We have a weakness for this type of Yorker.

Rental of furnished apartments

An interesting family formula: more space, the possibility of having meals on site representing a significant saving. But at 2, not necessarily much cheaper than a hotel.
It all depends once again on the season, which governs the price ranges of hotels, and the standard of accommodation. During the very high season (Easter holidays, May holidays, Christmas, etc.), this can be an excellent plan, provided you do this well in advance.

For Reforms ”do not control the legitimacy of all their advertisers, so the scams are not excluded ...

If you want to be after): much more limited housing selection, but all in legal buildings and with advice as a bonus.

Internet platform

  • : This site connecting owners and visitors, which can be consulted in French, lists hundreds of rooms (with or without private bathroom), apartments and lofts at all prices (from $ 60 to over $ 500 per night ).

Agencies specializing in apartment rentals

  • New York Habitat

Apartment exchange

They are inexpensive, especially for young couples with children.
Here are two proven agencies:

  • Intervac
  • Homelink International
  • More info on the exchange of apartments in our special file.
  • See the best hotels and accommodations in New York, our selection of favorite addresses

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