Where to go out Montreal

Where to go out Montreal

Cultural outings

Parties and festivals

Montreal, a large cosmopolitan metropolis with a passion for culture, vibrates all year round to the rhythm of various events. The festival culture is so inscribed in the personality of the city that it has integrated into its geography a "Spectacles district". Within this narrow perimeter, there are 40 festivals and 30 theaters. 1 in 4 show tickets in Quebec is sold in this district of Montreal! There is something for everyone, at all times, but with high inflation in summer.

The Just for Laughs Festival, the International Jazz Festival and Montréal en lumière are the most important of these.

Find events not to be missed in Montreal's cultural agenda.


  • Cineplex theaters: Among the theaters in the network, we should mention the Cineplex Odéon, the Cinéma Banque Scotia and the Cinéma Starcité.
  • In general, cinemas in the east of the city show films in French only, while they are more in English in the west.
    Let us mention the Beaubien, specializing in Quebec and French-speaking films.

Reduced price shows

To find a ticket at the last minute, contact:

  • Showcase : 2, rue Sainte-Catherine Est. TE285-4545. Open every day from 11 a.m. to 18 p.m. (19 p.m. Thursday to Saturday).
    Centralize sales for all shows and festivals.


The nightlife in Montreal may leave you on your knees after a few nights. To say that it is rich and intense is not enough, it is also one of the most economical in the Western world, in the sense that there is neither the vitiated atmosphere of maximum profit nor the oppressive climate of the place. elitists where one feels too much.
Any evening worthy of the name usually begins with a " 5 to 7 " after work, around a pint of beer or a pitcher of sangria, ideally on the terrace in summer. But do not worry, if the terraces are folded up with the 1st frimats, the animation of the bars does not hibernate for all that!

You will be surprised by the English speaking vitality.
There is something for everyone, since alcohol consumption is very strict and all the bars close at 3 o'clock sharp! In short, it's not Berlin! Those who want to hang out until late in the day may be hungry ...

Concerning concerts, jazz lovers won't know where to listen, as Montreal is full of places dedicated to the blue note. The highlight is the International Jazz Festival.

Concerning drinks, we first sip some beer, of course. Finally, beers, rather, so much the range of micro-brewed or imported foams from around the world seems limitless. Of cocktails also, often creative, invented for the only place that serves them. And then, who knows why, sangria.
For shows, concerts and clubs, refer to the free cultural weekly Voir, available in paper format everywhere (large hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, cafes, bookstores, etc.).

Reminder, smoking is prohibited in all public places, including bars and clubs as well as near some outdoor terraces (there is a perimeter to respect!).

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