Where to eat, food and drink Iran

Where to eat, food and drink Iran

Iranian cuisine

In general, we do not eat very well in Iran ... The vast majority of restaurants are rustic fast food, the few others are restaurants with a more pleasant decor but offering a choice ... almost identical to fast food. food.

The favorite dish is the kebab, with rice (often bland) and half a grilled tomato.

On the other hand, the superb stalls of early vegetables let imagine a household cuisine of the most varied and tasty, so be invited!

In Iran as in France, meals are a ritual important in families. We will not fail to make sure that you have eaten well or tasted the specialties.

As in many Asian countries, the rice (chelo) is the basis of the diet. Its cooking is an art, we form at the bottom of the pan a small crust called Tadig. Most of the time, it will be flavored with saffron, but can also be garnished with barberry berries (zeresht polo), broad beans and dill (baghali polo).

To eat on the go, we recommend the kubide-kebab, a skewer of minced meat accompanied by rice, or the kebab judge, chicken skewer marinated in lemon and saffron.

For a more complete immersion, the fesenjon, a chicken with walnuts in pomegranate sauce, ghormeh sabzi, veal or lamb with herbs, or khoresht alo, chicken with prunes. The dishes are fragrant, rarely spicy. They will be accompanied by bread lavash. In the food shops, you will not always have cutlery available, we often eat by hand.


THEalcohol is obviously officially not allowed in the Islamic Republic, but you can enjoy drinks such as dough and tea (chai), especially in the pretty tea houses (tchaikhuneh).

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