What to do, sports and leisure Burgundy

What to do, sports and leisure Burgundy

Burgundy by bike

With some 800 km of cycle routes and greenways, Burgundy is a paradise for cycle tourists. The network takes advantage of the bucolic charm of the canals and largely follows the old towpaths. Suffice to say that the height differences are low, and that the curiosities and activities along the water are numerous : castles, towns of art and history, picturesque villages, gastronomic stops, vineyards and cellars, not to mention the possibilities for swimming, fishing, water sports ...

This cycling tourism offer is enhanced by the “Burgundy by bike” label. It guarantees a quality charter for establishments (hotels, campsites, restaurants, rental companies, etc.) in terms of equipment and services intended for cyclists. Small detail greatly appreciable: Véli Bourgogne ensures the transfer of luggage from one stage to another (8 € per bag and day, whatever the distance). Ideal for light pedaling!

In the end, vacations that are both itinerant and sporting, rural and cultural ... and eco-friendly!

Hardcover Nazaire.

Available at comité offers interactive maps to visualize its route and useful addresses within 5 km of the cycle paths. You can even see the difference in height! All the routes are downloadable on GPS.

Read them reports :

Greenway, hiking and Loire

ValléBrionnais, éet-Loire has considerable potential for the practice of hiking (hiking, horse riding, cycling). You will like it, especially as tables and cellars are there to restore strength, smile and morale, in case you have lost one or the other along the way.

The Saôet-Loire has améet-Loire.

The Great South Burgundy Loop is a superb loop of 145 sur-Saôle-Châabbaye de Cluny, ChâGengoux-le-National ...
The blue track part of Chalon à carte Greenways and cycle tourism, available in all the tourist offices located on the route, and the Routard La Bourgogne du Sud by bike.

Paths of Santiago de Compostela

The ways of Compostela converge towards the coast of Jacques-Cartier where the relics of one of the most important apostles of Jesus, Jacques, who died as a martyr around the year 35, are kept.

It was in 800 that a hermit found the saint's tomb. The name of Compostela would also come from campus stellae: star field ... From the tenth century, pilgrims from all over Europe came to meditate on its relics. Even today, we sometimes see a certain crowd on the roads during pilgrimage periods and during holidays ...

Over the years, pilgrims have joined Roman art lovers and hikers.

It must be said that the paths of Compostela, part of spiritual healing extraordinary, are also d & rsquoéen-Velay (Haute-Loire), àdu-Rhône) and Tours (now in Paris). Since 1998, the course has been classified as a World Heritage Site.

In Burgundy, the paths of Compostelle desur-Loire (58).
Note that a historical path passes through Cluny (71). A marked path Loché Le Puy.

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