What to do Lisbon

What to do Lisbon


- In general, national museums (IMC) are closed on Mondays and certain public holidays (January 1, Easter Sunday, May 1 and December 25 in particular). National museums are free for children under 12.

- price in almost all museums, but you have to ask.

- People over 65 and disabled people in national museums, sometimes nothing in other private or public ones.

Lisbon with the family

Children have a blast in this city which offers many attractions. In restaurants or elsewhere, they are always well received.

Please note, Lisbon is a city where, especially since public transport, under 5 years old, is free.

Shopping, purchases

Stores open in 21:23 pm. The supermarket and Sunday until XNUMX p.m.

For those who would have nostalgia for nice pranks, the you walk feira do Relógio, very close to the airport (bus numbers 5, 8, 21, 22, 31, 50, 55 and 85; east of rotunda do Relógio / praça do Aeroporto). This is the local flea market.

Food and wine

No need to stock up on port, moscatel, amêvous rather exhaustiveness in terms of alcohol, we like the whole team of Viniportugal, which offers tastings from 3 different regions each month. But there are many others, and the most recent ...

For food lovers, almost every street corner hides surprises. The rua do Arsenal is one of the best known for offering flavors of nostalgia that have nothing to do with the madeleine of Proust: here, you will find salted fish, and in particular all categories of bacalhau (cod). Less expensive than in France, and much better. Favorite for old-fashioned preserves from the Conserveira de Lisboa with your choice of tuna, mackerel, sardines and other seafood, in an antique cannery.
For lovers of sweet treats, a tour of the many pâtisseries the city shouldn't be too harsh a punishment.
As for lovers of delicatessen, that they feast by bringing back hams and cured meats with the authentic taste, and at prices which make them even more sympathetic.

Pre-wear and shoes

There are, as in all capitals, dozens of shops dedicated to clothing. There are many signs in the Baixa, as well as avenida de Roma and avenida Guerra Junqueiro, between avenida Óscar Monteiro Torres and alameda D. Afonso Henriques. And lots of vintage clothes shops that will take you up to Chiado or Bairro Alto.

But is Lisbon perhaps the aggressiveness of the pavement? Here, you will have no trouble finding the right shoe for you, the number of merchants of all kinds and tiny shoemaker's workshops remaining impressive (despite the small trade crisis).

Antiques, old books, crafts, art ...

For fans of the stores of streets along Bairro Alto to Rato Square and São Bento Street. And, of course, at weekly flea market, the feira da Ladra (the Thief's Fair). But you will also find your happiness in other districts ... There is even, in the heart of Chiado, a book market, on Saturdays, rue Anchieta, which can console you if you do not want to follow your companions or traveling companions in their other purchases in the surrounding chic boutiques.

There are mostly a few shops with the best of today's crafts.


In addition to some antique stores that sell more or less old pieces, there are several factories in Lisbon of azulejos (white ceramic tiles decorated with patterns, most often in blue color), each of which has its own style.
This craft product remains relatively expensive, but you can be sure to find quality pieces entirely made by hand.


- Follow Me Lisboa: free cultural monthly published by the municipality, bilingual French and Portuguese. Shows, exhibitions, museums, shops ... Available in tourist offices (Ask me Lisboa) and in some museums and hotels.

- Lisboa ConVida: small guides available in bars and shops. Lots of tips on the different districts of the city (Baixa, Chiado, Liberdade, etc.).

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