Washington DC Transportation and Travel

Washington DC Transportation and Travel

By car


Count well 40 or 50 $, or even more! At best, you will pay "only" $ 25 at Colonial Parking, which can be found everywhere.

To find the cheapest car park nearby: washingtondc.bestparking.com.

Inté15 $ 10 per day on Saturdays, usually around $ 5 per day, payable with the metro and bus SmarTrip Card or CB; l wmata.com/service/parking l).

When the Congrèaoû 9 a.m., 30 p.m.-16 p.m. 18 p.m. Monday to Friday, 30 a.m.-16 p.m. Saturday 7 p.m. count $ 18 / h).

The Subway

23:30 p.m. (1 hour Fri-Saturday, 23 p.m. Sunday).

The size (XXL) of the stations, their nudity, boarding shapes!
Moreover, you will see that the modifications are frequent, with trains which do not necessarily arrive in the order announced ...

Important: it is strictly forbidden to eat or drink in the metro, to maintain the notorious cleanliness of the place (steep fines).

  • Information: wmata.com

- To circulate in memê according to the value of 6 Friday 5 am to 9:30 am, 15 pm to 19 pm) - the amount is debited at the exit, where you must take out your card. There is a 50% reduction for seniors and people with reduced mobility.

- There are different Day Short Trip Rail to $ 60 Day Fast Pass Rail covering a wider area. However, knowing that we walk a lot in Washington, the subway stations are quite far from each other and it is sometimes more convenient to take a bus, we would recommend that you opt for the SmarTrip Card instead.

The bus

The Metrobus is particularly useful for reaching underserved areas such as Georgetown and Adams Morgan.

- Day Regional Bus Pass at $ 17,50 charging on a SmarTrip, but only valid on the bus.

- Day Regional Bus Pass; free transfer from the Metrobus and paid from the metro (50 cents). The stops are indicated by the Circulator logo, representing 2 curved arrows forming a circle.

The tram

At 15 pm)-midnight (2 am Friday-Saturday, 22 pm Sunday). Free until further notice (this is expected to become chargeable).

The boat

- Friday) 20:45 p.m. (22:45 p.m. Friday-Saturday) for Georgetown (return 45 20:25 p.m. (21:45 p.m. Friday-Sunday, 23:05 p.m. Friday-Saturday) for Alexandria.

The bike

Know that bicycles can be carried on buses and metro outside peak hours.

- beyond the hour pass (8 day pass (17 pm! Basically, it is better not to exceed 1 hour of use, even if it means changing your bike.

- 2nd $ 30 75 85 for 24 hours); also tandems, children's bikes and small trailers to transport them.
Also offers guided tours to discover Washington and its surroundings. You can take the beautiful cycle path that runs along the Potomac between DC, Alexandria (or Bike & Roll at another agency) and Mount Vernon; possible return by boat!

- $ 9 per day. Weekly package.

The taxi

Very practical, they are easily found, except in the small streets of residential areas. They are all equipped with taximeters (otherwise, they are private cars or limousine services). It is better to avoid calling one, however, especially if you are on the outskirts: it is not uncommon for them to take a long time to arrive ... if they do arrive!

Car rental

All car rental companies are represented at Union Station. It is here (or in the airports) that we take possession of the rental vehicles.

- a-car return ”(it's discreet, aim well!).

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