Vancouver ID Card

Vancouver ID Card

- Area: 115 km² Population: 632 inhabitants (Great Vancouver: approximately 000 inhabitants).
- Location: capital of the province of Ontario.
- Density Mayor: Kennedy Stewart, since 2018.

Orientation in Vancouver

The center of Vancouver stretches over a long peninsula and is divided into several neighborhoods. First let's talk about the coolest, the huge Stanley Park, at the end of the green and residential district of West End. It occupies the entire western tip, while to the east, we find the Downtown properly speaking, fairly representative of large American cities, with its glass towers and wide avenues. You can find most of the accommodation there, but it's frankly not our favorite area. Nearby, 2 small neighborhoods compete for the favor of newly disembarked cruise passengers: Yaletown et Gastown, which constitute theHeritage District.

More interesting in our opinion, Chinatown, with its grocery stores, restaurants, a few buildings that have remained intact since the city's creation, as well as its night market!

A little more on-account (there were more than 2 in 200). A very localized area to absolutely avoid after dark.

Further south, Main Street is the backbone of the Mount Pleasant, highly sought after for its microbreweries, cabarets and boutiques of young designers.

Even more at Woodland who, at concerts. Finally, by taking the path of l & rsquobas, old docks and renovated sheds have become a real tourist attraction.

Even further south and further beyond, it is South Vancouver, the international airport and Richmond...

Beyond the Lions Gate Bridge, North Vancouver home to the main attractions of the surrounding area.

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