Transportation and transportation San Francisco

Transportation and transportation San Francisco

Car rental and parking

- To drive on American soil: the national driver's license is sufficient.

Difficult to park in downtown San Francisco, and the car parks are overpriced (see below). Our advice: only rent a vehicle when leaving the city or for 1 or 2 days to visit the most distant sites or go down the legendary Lombard Street and the other steep streets ... but without taking yourself for Steve McQueen in Bullitt, you would break the car and your bones with it!

If you plan to cross the Golden Gate Bridge, note that the passage is free to register on the dedicated website to prepay its passage by credit card, indicating its registration number and the date of the passage. Convenient...

Car rental companies include this service, which is charged to your card; However, remember to ask the agency to activate it, otherwise you will be charged a higher amount ...

Car parks and parking meters

The plague of San Francisco! Parking lots are $ 20 per day if you sleep in an AJ that has an agreement with a nearby parking area, more often $ 25-40, and up to $ 60 and more for luxury establishments!
Make absolutely sure that the entries and exits (in & out) are unlimited, some charge them in addition ...

Le Best Parking, the cheapest in Downtown, is located at 525 Jones Street, between Geary and O'Farrell. Count $ 30 for 24 hours, with unlimited entry and exit. By staying in a local AJ, the rate drops to $ 15 per day. Reservations by Internet.
There are other inexpensive car parks near the Alliance Française and Grace Cathedral.

Parking on the street is extreme).

You can pay with coins, by phone or with a parking card, sold in some supermarkets and hardware stores, or on the website of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority. The new parking meters accept payment cards and ... flash red as soon as the authorized time has elapsed! If a parking meter does not work, you have the right to park, but a maximum of 2 hours.

Each district tries to jealously guard its parking spaces for its sparse regar! If you rent a car, you don't especially have hours of street cleaning: impoundment guaranteed if you're there at the wrong time.
Also pay attention to the color of the sidewalk edges:

  • red = prohibited at all times;
  • white = minute stop (ban on leaving the vehicle);
  • green = 10-30 min; yellow = reserved for commercial vehicles;
  • blue = reserved for the disabled.

It is also forbidden to park in the opposite direction to that is lowered.
Know, finally, that iYou have to turn the wheels when parking in sloping streets (on the side opposite the sidewalk when it goes up; towards the sidewalk when going down), otherwise the fine is guaranteed!

To console you, a little find: parking is free Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to end, on public holidays (Ashbury: parking on end and public holidays).

Urban transport

San Francisco and the re which, unlike muros, the cable car, the buses, the trolleybuses, the municipal metro and the historic tram.

Beyond, for intercity transport, one takes the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), local RER which serves neighboring towns and the international airport, the Caltrain (another commuter train) and the vast network of buses serving almost all the communities of the Bay Area.

  • Local and San Francisco transportation information: SFMAT (San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency


- There are several types of passes that can be used on all MUNI intramural transport (excluding BART, Caltrain and regional buses therefore).
These passes are quite interesting, especially if you take the cable car, the least trip of which costs $ 7!

Warning, there is a big price difference between the paper and digital formats of these packages. To save, opt for the MUNI Mobile app.

  • Info on Visitor Day Passes

Travel cheaper with the MUNI Mobile app

A great plan provided you have a smartphone. To encourage public transport users to move away from paper, fares are much cheaper if you use the digital version.

- Download the free MUNI Mobile application on your phone.

- To create an account, you will need to enter your name, an email address and a local telephone number. Just enter your mobile number even if the format doesn't match (it doesn't matter as long as there are enough digits to fill in the boxes). When entering your zip code, enter the city code: 94101.

 Open the Tickets tab then Buy tickets. Choose your ticket, enter your bank details and once you've purchased the ticket, you don't even have to validate it. You just have to present your phone in case of an inspection.

Clipper card

If you don't, the cost day pass (without cable car) is only available on the MUNI Mobile app. You can load a package or simply a certain amount and the card is debited for the amount of the trip each time you pass through the electronic terminals. It automatically includes transfers and displays your credit.

As an added bonus, it is accepted on the BART, Caltrain, San Francisco Bay Ferry and intercity buses (obviously, the passes do not include these modes of transport).

It can be bought at the airport, at BART and MUNI stations and at SFMTA counters and in many stores, pharmacies and supermarkets in the region (Walgreens, Whole Foods ...).

Muni Mobile and Clipper Card ticket prices

  • one-way ticket: $ 2,50.
  • 1-day pass (without cable car): $ 5 (only available on the MUNI Mobile app).
  • single Ride Cable car: $ 7.
  • 1-day passport (with cable car): $ 12.
  • 3-day passport (with cable car): $ 29.
  • 7-day passport (with cable car): $ 39.

Paper version packages

MUNI passes are also available in paper version but cost much more: 1 day ($ 23), 3 days ($ 34) and 7 days ($ 45) consecutive. We don't really see the point of paying more, but we are giving you the info just in case.

City Pass

Another option is the CityPass.

Cable cars

Just launched a battery for lighting. They are towed along the rails by cables. To stop, the driver just has to let go. On descents, it can be freewheeled, using only the handbrake.

Today there are only 3 lines and around forty cable cars.

The cable car starts at 15 minutes on average, sometimes with some mood swings ...
Single ticket: $ 7, without the possibility of transfer (unlike other MUNI transport), on sale at kiosks at the terminus or on board (provide the exact amount). So better buy a pass if you plan to take it several times.

Warning, the wait is sometimes long at the terminus of the lines, because it is a real tourist attraction! At rush hour, some cable cars are so full that they do not take additional passengers at stops.

Other MUNI public transport

Journey at 18 and over 65) for urban journeys, whatever the mode of transport; back-up is necessary.
The ticket entitles the holder to free connections within 90 minutes, except for cable cars. There is nothing to prevent this transfer from being used for the return trip if the validity is not exceeded. To verify this, look at the time indicated by the tear at the bottom of the ticket.

- Buses and trolleybuses offer the most complete service.

- The urban metro - not to be confused with the BART - is both aerial and underground. It has 5 lines. It's convenient and quick to get directly to Mission, Castro, Lower Haight, Golden Gate Park, or to Ocean Beach.

- The historic tram is composed of two wars. It has 2 lines. The F connects 10 minutes during the day.


Le BART, this local RER, quite comfortable, counts 5 lines which serve a good forty stations, re-west and east of the bay. It goes underground through downtown San Francisco on the Market Street axis, then continues towards Mission and to the airport. In the opposite direction, it makes it possible to easily reach Oakland and Berkeley.

It operates from 4 a.m. (6 a.m. Saturday, 8 a.m. Sunday) to 20 minutes.

We get to the airport for example).
If you don't have the top-up, we won't give you change. That said, keep the ticket for the next trip: you will add the necessary amount and therefore you will not lose the remaining credit. Some more convenient distributors accept payment cards.

Finally, we repeat, the Muni passport and Citypass do not give access to BART ; on the other hand, we can use its Clipper card.

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