Transport and travel Tasmania

Transport and travel Tasmania

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There are no direct international flights to Tasmania. From mainland Australia, Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar et Regional Express offer direct flights to Hobart, Devonport or Burnie from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Adelaide.

Two ferries, the Spirit of Tasmania I and II, provide daily connections between Melbourne and Devonport, in both directions. The crossing is done at night (departures at 2:19 p.m. or 30 p.m.). In high season, it is possible to make the day trip.

Count from AU $ 126 (€ 88) per person in a reclining seat, AU $ 159 (€ 111) in a shared berth, and AU $ 258 (€ 180) per cabin for two. To embark a car, count from 77 AU $ (54 €).

It is the ideal solution to reach Tasmania.

Internal transport


Airport shuttles 

Shuttles stumbled. To you.

Bus in the territory

Two main bus companies cover most of Tasmania: Tassielink et Redline Coaches. They serve certain national parks.

Local services and sometimes free shuttles in national parks complete this well-organized network. But not all of Tasmania is served: traveling by bus will not give you complete autonomy.


- The Bruny Island ferry can be transported back and forth depending on the season, with a car). Dheure crossing.

- The Maria Island ferry connects Triabunna (east coast of Tasmania) to Darlington (Maria Island). AU $ 37 (€ 25) per adult, AU $ 27 (€ 18) for children aged 2 to 12. 2 daily departures. Note that cars do not circulate on Maria Island.


Local companies serve some Tasmanian islands. By Airplane Airlines commutes between Flinders Island and Launceston.


This is the most convenient way to visit Tasmania, which you can easily tour in 15 days. Unlike mainland Australia, the distances remain reasonable.

- With the ferry, you can come by car from the mainland, but rental prices in Tasmania are generally just tracks, and basic insurance does not cover breakage if you drive on this type of road. Depending on the trips you plan, sometimes it's worth paying a little more to be covered.

- You can also rent a camping-car. Almost everywhere, free or paid campsites will allow you to spend the night in peace.

- The large firms of location international companies have their branch in Tasmania. There are also quite a few small local businesses. Do not hesitate to take a little time to compare the prices, it may be worth it. Rental cars are usually automatic, but there are also manual ones. They are often less expensive.

- The fuel is noticeably cheaper than service, the prices are indicated in cents, which may surprise when you read rates like 129,9 / l. In fact, it should read AU $ 1,299 / l ...

- Speed ​​limits: 50 km / h in the city (unless otherwise indicated), 100 km / h on the roads (sometimes 110).

Rules of Conduct

- In Tasmania, we drive on the left, but priority on the right is the rule.

- Speed ​​limits: 50 km / h in the city (unless otherwise indicated), 100 km / h on the roads (sometimes 110).

- In the event of a fine, even if you think you will escape it when you get home, there is a good chance that your car rental company will receive it for you. In this case, he will not hesitate to pay with the imprint of the credit card that you have previously left him as a deposit!

- The international driving license, accompanied by your national license, is valid for 3 months.


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