Transport and travel Seville

Transport and travel Seville

The most interesting neighborhoods must be discovered walk. When you are tired or in the evening, take a taxi, it is not that expensive, compared to Paris for example.


Friendly but really touristy. Up to you...

There are horse-drawn carriages in all the tourist sites of the city, but it is especially in front of the Giralda that the horses gather. Normally count 45 € (official price) for 45 minutes to 1 hour of ride according to a precise route in normal times (for the same service, 50 € during Holy Week, and 95 € per hour during the April feria). If there is not a crowd, do not hesitate to negotiate. In any case, the official prices are clearly displayed around the main sites.

Very chic, if you want the carriage to pick you up from your hotel, it will cost you € 67,50 (at the price excluding Holy Week and Feria).

Municipal buses

They irrigate especially the outlying districts and cross the ring road, making a few timid forays into the center here and there - plaza de la Encarnación, Alameda de Hércules, plaza Nueva and avenida de la Constitución. Not very useful for those staying in the old town. However, there are a small electric bus, the C5, which does a loop in the old town, interesting if you get tired (every 30 minutes from 9:50 a.m. to 21 p.m.; every hour on Sunday).

Otherwise, circular buses are also very practical. The circular intéC4 (according to direction of rotation), knowing that the C2 (according to direction). They allow you to go around the city and get, for example, from La Cartuja (on the l & rsquoC2 site), or even from Triana up toC4).
The C1-C2 also serves the train station. The C1-C2 operates 24 hours a day (except Sunday, it runs from 24 a.m. (4 a.m. on Sunday) to 6 minutes.

- Circulation plan : you will find them at the Tussam counters on Prado San Sebastián (next to the Prado metro entrance) or at the tourist office.

- Ticket: it can be bought individually on buses, in automatic machines at tram stops or terminuses. It costs € 1,40 and does not allow connections. You can also buy multiviaje cards, sold at terminals and in all tobacco shops (estancos) or newsstands, but not on buses. Rechargeable, they cost € 1,50, to which must be added a minimum credit of € 7. The fare then becomes much more interesting: 0,69 € / trip if you opt for the card without connections and 0,76 € per trip for the one with. The card can be reimbursed at the end of the stay, but not the credit that remains on it (permanently lost).
So, if you are more of the walker type and you stay in the center, it is not necessarily useful to invest € 7 in a card, not sure that you will make 10 trips by bus during your stay. .

Attention too, do not buy these cards during Holy Week or the fair, the fare is then the same as for a single ticket.

We can finally opt for the & rsquoci can borrow free transport up to 3 years.

  • Info 47-92-00 and  


The tram crosses the historic center between San Bernardo (200 m west of Prado San Sebastián) and plaza Nueva, via calle San Fernando and avenida de la Constitución. Between these 2 terminals, there are 3 stops, Prado de San Sebastián, Puerta de Jerez and Archivo de Indias.

Trè10 mn approximately.

Tickets and cards are the same as for the bus (see above); there is also a distributor at each stop.


Réest, via the Prado de San Sebastiáville. On the other hand, it can partially solve the parking problems, because there are immense inexpensive parking lots at different stations, and this just 10 minutes by metro from the center.

Its journey is € 3,60 per return ticket). As with the bus, there is a rechargeable card from € 10 (reducing the price of the trip from € 0,82 to € 1,37 depending on the route, but without a change of mount possible, but can be used by several people at the same time. times). The tickets are on sale in distributors or at counters before entering the platform.

It operates Monday through Thursday from 6 a.m. (6 a.m. from San Bernardo) to 15 p.m., Friday until 23 a.m., Saturday from 2 a.m. to 7 a.m. and Sunday from 30 a.m. to 2 p.m. (extended hours during Holy Week). Frequency: every 7 minutes during peak hours. You will find the map in the stations.

  • Info 36-49-85 and

Veservice Sevici

A service system on subscription, comparable to the Parisian Vélib 'or the Lyon Vélo'v.

Prohibited in pedestrian streets in the old district of Santa Cruz, cycling can be a good means of transport on the main roads, to explore certain somewhat out-of-the-way neighborhoods, or even to get closer to your hotel in the evening, especially since the city is almost flat and covered with many cycle paths, materialized in green.

All you have to do is insert your payment card in a terminal and validate a deposit of 150 €, then choose the type of subscription (minimum 7 days at 13,33 €). Knowing that the first 30 minutes are free. Then, 1,03 € for the first hour then 2,04 € per hour for the following hours.

Valid only if you stay at least 1 week and if we put the bike down every 30 minutes at a parking point. For shorter stays or if you want to pedal for long hours, clinging to your mount, a classic rental is more advantageous.
Many parking points (more than 400), or one every 300 m (small map available in tourist offices).

  • Info 90-07-22 and


Taxis operate with 3 different tariff zones divided into several tariffs.

  • Tariff 1 (urban service) is 0,94 & euro21h. Then from Monday to Thursday 21 p.m. to 7 a.m., Friday and the eve of public holidays and women's days, Saturday-Sunday and public holidays 6 a.m. and during Holy Week and the feria d & rsquo 7 h, it is 1,41 € / km (support 2 € ).
  • Tariff 2 (long distance services) is 0,58 & Eurodundays and public holidays it is 0,69 € / km (support 1,50 €). In tariff 1, the minimum costs are € 3,60, € 4,49 and € 5,62.

Pré9 & europlaza del Duque. To get to End and on public holidays € 35 during Holy Week and the fair, luggage and IVA included).
Obviously, a little more expensive if the taxi picks you up from your hotel after a call. Clearly specify the prices at the start, because, as it is a fixed price, the driver does not put the meter; and if you are asked for more, protest!
Several taxi ranks are indicated on the city map distributed by the Seville Tourist Office. In general, taxis are plentiful and easy to hail on the street. Sometimes, together, they can be more advantageous than the bus.

  • Instituto del Taxi: tee47-39-39.
  • Radio Taxi Giralda: tee99-80-70.
  • Radio Taxi de Sevilla: tee67-55-55.
  • Tele Taxi: tee62-22-22.
  • Taxi Minusvá47-60-60.

City car parks

Treville, and we do not laugh with the parking bans! The cars are loaded by the grua (the pound), without any compassion: around € 144,50 the fine!

It is best to drop off your belongings at the hotel, then park your car in a guarded place. Count 18 to 23 € per 24 hours. Some car parks offer decreasing prices, if you stay for several days in a row, and some hotels have discounts: do not hesitate to ask for them. They do not accept payment cards, provide cash ... The tourist office issues a card on which the parking lots are indicated.

The most extensive solution.
There is also a free, unguarded, but permanently operating car park at Blas Infante station, behind the Parque de los Principes in Triana.

Bovis and gorrillas

When you park in the street, you will quickly find that there are city ​​agents (The bovis, in red pants and white shirt) ask you a parking fee against a ticket of around € 1. It's completely legal and nicer than parking meters.

In contrast, less pleasant, types known as gorrillas (the caps) do the same job, but quite unofficially and illegally. They offer to keep your car in your absence. In fact, they don't watch anything at all.

In addition, if you refuse to give them a little something, there is a risk that you will find a nice and harmonious stripe on the door stopper or a reminder to pay on your return and donate more than € 1.

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