Transport and travel Netherlands

Transport and travel Netherlands


To go from city to city in Bas, we recommend that you use the train. Indeed, the rehours. Children benefit from almost symbolic prices up to 11 years old, as long as they are accompanied by an adult over 19 years old.

NS Hispeed provides an Amsterdam-Schiphol-Rotterdam link in just 43 minutes; there is no faster.


The Netherlands has more bicycles than people! Two factors (by bike!) Explain the phenomenon: a sharper environmental awareness than elsewhere and the increase in the cost of fuel (and the advantage of a country ... flat!).

Another solution to combine the advantages: visit the Netherlands by bike, but reach the different cities by train. By purchasing a ticket for your bicycle (Dagkaart Fiets) for € 6,90, you can take it with you on board. Be careful though, places are limited and, except in July and August, you are not allowed to take trains during rush hour.

In the Netherlands, bicycles have priority over cars. Be careful when changing direction!

Speed ​​limits and what to do

Radars everywhere (but then EVERYWHERE!) And no clear sign ... better be very, very careful!

  • In town: 50 km / h (unless otherwise indicated, of course!).
  • On the road: 80 km / h.
  • On expressway: 100 km / h.
  • On the motorway: 130 km / h. But be careful, here again, we do not always see the signs warning that the limitation has fallen to 120 or 100, as between Amsterdam and The Hague, for example.

- Authorized alcohol level Seat belts During the day, switching on the dipped beam headlights on the road and motorway is recommended but not compulsory.

  • See in particular transport in Amsterdam.

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