Transport and travel Krakow

Transport and travel Krakow

By car

The car is superfluous for driving, pié20h). Ask 90 Zl / 24h).

Buses and trams

About twenty tram lines and a hundred buses crisscross the city, with the exception of the pedestrian center. However, except to get to the suburbs, they will be of little use to you.

- Hours 23h approximately 5h.

- Prices : ticket (valid on buses and trams). Tariff (by linking several transports) 20, 50 and 90 min, respectively 3,40, 4,60 and 6 Zl; 24h, 48h or 72h pass, respectively 15, 28 and 42 Zl; reduc.

- Purchase of tickets: multilingual ticket machines can be found near some stops. Payment by banknotes or coins. Simplified models are more and more present inside buses, but they only work with parts (provide for the extra). Ditto for trams, provided that the 1st wagon displays an "A" for "Automat". Purchase also in kiosks and shops displaying the acronym "MPK".

- Warning : some plainclothes inspectors supplement their end of the month based on users who do not punch their ticket as soon as they enter the vehicle.

- Foreign students benefit from reductions on presentation of a card ISIC ou Euro 26.


In addition to those who roam 22h (around 3,50 Zl / km at night and sun). Obviously, Uber is also showing its nose in Krakow.

Electric vehicles

These vehicles patrol the Rynek and Kazimierz sectors. They offer tours:


Beautiful and large calè5 people), up to 600 Zl for 2 hours.

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