Transport and travel Iran

Transport and travel Iran

How to go to Iran

Given the geopolitical situation, it is better to avoid traveling to Iran from a border country. Border areas are particularly dangerous. Let us not forget that Iran is adjacent to countries at war like Afghanistan and Iraq… But the borders shared with Pakistan and Turkey are not recommended either.

Better then favor the plane to join Iran.
Some travelers come to Iran from Uzbekistan to extend a Silk Road-themed cultural stay, however it is not recommended to travel with Central Asian companies, often equipped with Tupolevs.
Important: in any case, consult the airlines blacklist, established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) of the United Nations.

Getting around Iran

The extremely low price of gasoline makes road and air transport very attractive.

By plane

It exists a good rée Abbas.

Be careful with the choice of companies and devices. Consult the black list of airlines to avoid, established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) of the United Nations.

Most bus

Many bus companies serve the whole country.

The prices are particularly competitive. The buses are comfortable and the main roads as well. Buses are divided into two categories: Volvos and Mercedes. The former are more comfortable and faster, the small price difference is well worth the gain.

Buses are not always included in the service.

For a one-way ticket TéIspahan, count 6h, for Shiraz 7h30, for Tabriz 9h, and for Yazd 6h. In Tehran, departures are either at Tehran Railstation, Tehran Beihaghi Terminal or Argantin Terminal. You can book your tickets in advance, especially if you are traveling in high season.

Few signs indicate the buses, but the touts loudly proclaim the destinations to verify that you are taking the right vehicle. Don't hesitate to ask other travelers for help, Iranians are very helpful.

There are also minibuses, less comfortable, but quite practical for short trips.

Bus stations in provincial towns are often out of the way, take a taxi or collective taxi to get to your hotel.

By train

There is also a good rail network, and all trains pass through Tehran. It is the preferred solution for night trips : a sleeper train will be more comfortable than a bus.

1st class tickets cost more than the bus, but train travel is always particularly enjoyable. Preferably choose first class with sleeper compartments for 4 or 6 people. For women traveling alone, single-sex compartments are recommended.

The train ride between the capital, Tehran, and the holy city of Mashad is very popular. There's even a top-class train, the Simorgh, with dinner and breakfast included.

The smoker if you don't want to be inconvenienced.

Inter-urban transport

Collective taxis: Savari or Paykan

Savari are somewhat dilapidated collective taxis, commonly called Paykan, in reference to the brand, crisscrossing cities. Remember to set the price in advance, and be aware that they often speak in Tomans.

Private taxis

There are agency taxis or "telephon taxi" as the Iranians say, because we order them by phone. More expensive but comfortable, they can be ordered with the help of the reception of the hotel or a restaurant.

Although the roads are in the middle of there that-I-m & rsquomette ”.

Be careful.


Tehran has a clean and inexpensive metro. A quick and practical solution, because it sometimes takes more than an hour to cross the capital by car because it is so congested. Mehrabad Airport is connected (with a change by tram) as well as the Grand Bazaar to the south of the city, behind which is the main bus station.

There are also metro lines in Isfahan (work has been done on the lines) and in Mashad.

There are compartments reserved for women.

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