Transport and travel Australia

Transport and travel Australia


L & rsquocost operates domestic flights between the various capitals, but connections to smaller airports are usually provided by Qantas, the national carrier, and prices are a bit higher.

A good plan : Qantas offers the Walkabout Pass (accessible if you take an international flight with the company), which allows for Zealand.

Heavily loaded travelers are reminded that they often charge - in addition to the price of the ticket - checked baggage ...


A few bus companies share the long haul market in Australia, but Greyhound has the lion's share. The prices are not the most competitive, but the different offers or passes offer a lot of freedom. R

For the east coast, we strongly advise you to take an interest in the rates of the company Premier Motor Service, much more competitive than those of Greyhound. On the other hand, the organization is sometimes more uncertain, and it can become complicated to find a place.

Between Sydney and Melbourne, Firefly Express offers prices very much $ 70 one way.

Our favorite Hop-off Buses. It is a bus network with a package system that allows free travel throughout the country. We take the bus and stop at any stop along the route. The best known is OZExperience, but don't hesitate to inquire at your hostel for local offers.

Vehicles rental

Renting a car is a good idea in Australia. In town, the roads are in good condition, and the Aussies respect the rules of the road. Prefer to reserve your vehicle online, very often the big companies make significant discounts.

Caution : you have to get a international permit to be able to drive in Australia. They are however complementary, which means that you have to bring both!
Please note: car rental is only open to drivers of over 21 years.

Hepoints and the exits of ice and headlights / indicators are also exchanged.

Finally, if you are leaving a bar, be aware that the authorized blood alcohol limit driving is 0,5 g / l.

If you plan to venture out in the bush or the quobuffle makes perfect sense here. We can no longer count the unlucky kangaroos on the roadsides ...

Watch for signs indicating the presence of animals!

About the Insurance, unless you have a Gold or Premier bank card (which covers the excess in the event of a problem), we strongly recommend that you take the insurance offered by your rental company, called LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) or CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) . For around twenty euros per day, you will be covered in the event of material damage. Not to be overlooked, especially if you are afraid of driving on the left!
Other insurances are offered.

It is also advisable to return the vehicle with a full tank. A surcharged rate is applied for each liter of gasoline missing.

La Maximum speed here is 110 km / h on the highway. Be aware that the fines here are also saléci will apply additional administrative costs.

Finally, some rental companies prohibit the night driving in the outback. For good reason: between the dust, the lack of lighting and the animals caught in your headlights, it is very risky driving!

Local companies

  It is generally more attractive to rent a car from local companies, which are cheaper and often provide the same quality of service.

Let us quote three agencies which have proven themselves:

  • Apollo Car Rentals
  • Maui Australia
  • Britz


 Carpooling is a fairly widespread practice in Australia, especially among backpackers. We are looking for both passengers and drivers.  


Rather unpopular down under, the train trip is however a good compromise to travel without the hassles of l & rsquoin, outlying airports ... This means of transport is however reserved for those who appreciate long journeys and have a good budget, because prices remain high ... Two mythical main roads run through the country, from south to north and from west to east.

- The Ghan: from Adelaide to Darwin. All the climates and all the Australian landscapes pass in 3 days, at the rate of 85 km / h. Prices vary widely: from $ 650 one way for minimal comfort, up to the very luxurious cabin at $ 3.

- The Indian Pacific: from Sydney to Perth. 4 km of rails heated by the sun, for 000 days of travel.

It is also possible to reach Adelaide from Melbourne byOverland, and along the Gold Coast with the Tilt Train. These two routes, however, have much less charm.

Note: students (with an international card) and holders of a YHA card benefit from reduced rates (almost half the price!).

Road trip in Australia

Australia is discovered off the beaten track! If you have time, go on a long trip to explore the country!

Buy or rent a van?

On the spot, two options are available to you: purchase or rental. If you are not in a hurry, and your budget allows it, thebuying a van is a good option, especially since reselling will not lose too much feathers. The van remains the preferred solution by many, because it usually allows you to sleep in the back. Be careful, however, it consumes much more fuel than a car ...

For shorter road trips, it is of course possible to rent / buy a car and sleep in tents (you can find these on sale for a handful of dollars in Walmart, for example).

Favor a 4x4 vehicle if you plan to think outside the box ... 4x4 vans are rarer, but offer the perfect combination!

- For the location, go directly through a company specializing in road trips, such as Wicked Campers or Travelers Autobarn. Be careful, however, of the drop off costs if you do not return the vehicle to the place where you rented it.

- For the quopurchase check or a Roadworthy Certificate. It is mandatory in some states. And of course ask to drive it a few kilometers to check that everything is working.
The condition of the tires is important ... mileage is also to be taken into account. Finally, don't hesitate to test the brakes, it could save the lives of some kangaroos (yes!).

A rego (sort of gray card) is compulsory for all South Wales.
It is also possible tocancel a rego to re-register your vehicle in the state where you purchase it. TheInsurance of the vehicle will also increase the bill if it has to be renewed. Compulsory Third Party Insurance is, as its name suggests, a compulsory third party insurance, included in the rego. It will insure you in case of damage to others, but you will be there out of your pocket if you have a mechanical problem.

- There is an option, very economical, but much less flexible: the "Relocation". When a vehicle is not returned to its original agency, it must be repatriated, and some agencies offer to do the job for them in exchange for attractive prices (sometimes, $ 1 per day!). In return, the journey and its duration will be imposed on you.

Driving in Australia

A few minutes of adaptation to get used to driving on the left, and off you go! First of all, if you use a van, it is also to save on accommodation. Your essential tool is the CAMPS. This guide is quite expensive ($ 55; available on smartphones at a lower price), but shows you all the locations where you will be allowed to spend the night, most often for free. The available equipment is variable, often a simple empty space. But in Australia, the public barbecue is never far away, even in the middle of nowhere!

Note: many vans are already equipped, no need to get it before buying the vehicle.

- L & rsquoservice. By the way, prices go up very quickly once in the outback.

- Finally, if you feel like doing some wild camping, know that it is totally prohibited.

- Don't take Australian laws lightly! The road checks are also numerous and radar not necessarily reported (the state of Victoria is renowned for its firmness in this area).

Precautions before setting off

- Fill up before hitting the road for a long drive, and take a jerry can (they get service). A out of gas in the middle of outback can become a real pain!

- Also check the tire pressure and the presence of a spare wheel ! The roads and especially the Australian tracks can be tough for the tires ...

- Think about taking good water reserves for long journeys.

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