Transport and getting around Vienna

Transport and getting around Vienna

Vienna is an ideal city for urban trekkers. The historic center is not very extensive and can be explored very easily and quickly on foot. Car traffic being quite dense and not very logical, driving a car is really of no interest (we insist, but it is for your good). The city indeed offers the widest range of means of public transport that one can dream of.


Urban trekking paradise! But be careful, crossing outside protected passages and at a red light is (theoretically) liable to a fine. So quickly lose your bad habits ... unless you see that you are the only one standing by the curb.

Competition with cyclists is also fierce. The cycle paths having often been created by dividing the sidewalks in 2, it is necessary to respect its line. Indeed, if by mistake you, a pedestrian, walk in the corridor reserved for cyclists, you run the risk of being scolded! It even happens that pedestrians and cyclists share the same sidewalk (too narrow to be divided into 2). Stretch your ears to hear the doorbells, don't look too high and keep your eyes open!

By public transport

A little tip: the practical “Qando” application offers smartphone owners the possibility of free access to detailed maps and timetables for subways, buses and trams.


With 5 lines (they are numbered. It runs 24 hours a day during the weekend (from Friday evening to Sunday morning) and on the eve of FéBahn days, a sort of local RER.

The bus and the tram

RéInfo Wien) roam the city until around 5am. Frequency: every 30 minutes. Night bus stops are marked with an "N".

Transport cards

24, 48 or 72 hours in Vienna in freedom (free metro, tram, bus circulation) : to advise, from the 1st day. Several subscription formulas (to be purchased either from distributors in metro stations, at the entrance or directly on the platforms, or at newsstands and tobacco shops) covering the entire network.
Interesting given the price of the single ticket: € 2,40, or € 2,30 on board (and that of the fine in the event of an infringement: € 103). For children, the ticket is € 1,20 (free for children under 6). Choice of card: ticket valid for 24 hours to be canceled on the 1st trip (€ 7,60), 48-hour ticket (€ 13,30) or 72-hour ticket (€ 16,50), ideal for a short stay unless you plan to visit a lot of museums (see the Vienna City Card).

Weekly card: same system, but for 1 week, Monday to Monday 9am, for € 17,10. It is an individual card with a stamp at 0,80 €. It can also be purchased directly from the website. 
Another tip: the 8-day sectional ticket at 38,40 €. It is in fact a long note with 8 boxes that must be canceled at the start of each day. This non-nominative ticket can be used by several (the number of days is then reduced), it suffices to cancel one box per person. The 8 days are not necessarily consecutive.

- For more09-100.

By bike

Vienna offers more than 1 km of cycle paths (for more wine), moreover, have priority over motorists at crossroads.

No need to own has a rental system, Citybikes. More than 1 bicycles can be borrowed from the 500 terminals throughout the city and be returned to any of these terminals.

À Bahn at certain times of the day (but we hold them in the hand).

  • City Bike : info and interactive map of the different locations of the terminals.
    To use a bicycle, all you have to do is insert your payment card in a departure terminal. When returning your bicycle, be careful to check that it is correctly hung up so as not to have any unpleasant surprises on your account! Note that the 1st hour is free, the 2nd at € 1, the 3rd at € 2, the 4th and all subsequent ones at € 4 ...
  • Pedal Power 44 €. Really expensive.
    Delivery possible to your hotel door. With the bike, you will be given a small explanatory book (in French, in addition!) Indicating different routes in the city.

These 2 rental companies also organize guided tours of the city.

See also the car in Austria.

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