Thematic itineraries Ardèche, Drôme

Thematic itineraries Ardèche, Drôme

With family, with children

The Ardèche and Drôme are particularly rich in visits and activities suitable for children. So it's up to you to choose your trips, according to the ages and tastes of the members of your tribe!

Caves and sinkholes

Wonders of the built heritage

There are also many interesting things happening on the surface, towards the natural wonders of the built heritage.


Swimming in rivers, outdoor activities

The region is a land of rivers, with multiple access points, and many outdoor activities and sports are practiced.

Chocolate and nougat

Since sooner or later a gourmet stopover could be necessary:

Outdoor and sports activities

Take advantage of an altitude of up to 1 m and warm feet - a clear southern influence on the Drôme side: an invitation to engage in a wide range of sporting activities!

Warning, many of the activities mentioned above require booking well in advance… Don't miss the boat!

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