The Turin Taste Fair

The Slowfood organization campaigns for (very) good food and against - we will have understood - fast food. Under his leadership, the Salon du Goût will be held in Turin from October 24 to 27, a “global village” for wine-gastronomy and agrifood products: a sensory experience extraordinary.

To taaaaaaaaaaaaaaable!

Slowfood is an organization with laudable intentions: it wants to unite lovers of good food, defend good products, fight against the standardization of food and have fun. In addition to a website full of information, Slowfood brings together its members in the form of a Convivium, where everyone introduces local products to other guests (a Slowfood member never goes out without his corkscrew). But the most visible of Slowfood's actions is clearly this Salon du Goût: on the program, five hundred exhibitors, a wine library of XNUMX labels, courses, tastings, and “sentinel products”.

Taste laboratories

Laboratoires du Goût are undoubtedly one of Slowfood's “trademarks”. Needless to say, we are in another dimension here. The laboratories allow you to meet exceptional producers, taste and buy extraordinary dishes. These include, for example, the “real” wild Irish salmon, the signature mozzarella (?), Or the Piedmontese white truffle with an almost heady smell. These laboratories allow you to taste and learn at the same time ... And can be the starting point of a Slow itinerary. Because it is possible to leave the living room, and to go for a stroll on the Piedmontese territory in a rather elegant way. Example of the proposed walk: visit of the Albino Rocca di Barbaresco winery, lunch of the Langhe at the Langhet trattoria-vinothèque in Valle Talloria, visit of Alba, the city of a hundred towers, followed by a walk in the woods in the company of a trifulau and his dog to learn the secrets of the search for the Alba white truffle.
Be careful, you are drooling on your keyboard ...

"Sentinel" products

During the 2000 Show, Slowfood unearthed ninety-one endangered products in the most remote corners of Italy. They were inducted into “sentry” products. Rare cheeses, such as ricotta ripened in hay, great cold cuts that have only survived thanks to family tradition, or old varieties of fruit have been brought to the attention of the media and the general public. This action helped save them.
In 2002, Slowfood continued on this path. One hundred and thirty Italian sentinel products will be present: in particular, we will discover the Altamura bread, cooked over a wood fire, with its aromas of toast with vanilla nuances, or the Ischia rabbit, raised in pits dug in the tufa land at a depth of three meters. Good. In addition, Slowfood is launching this year the international sentinels, an open window on countries, distant and fascinating ways of living: to discover, the Greek mavrotragano vineyard of the island of Santorini, reduced to a few plants of the rare red variety, and the Argentine yacon, a root of great resource from which refined jams and tasty ice cream are obtained.


A tip before entering the Salon: decide that you are going to eat salty in the morning, and sweet in the afternoon, for example. This is important, since the stands of cheese makers and chocolate makers can be found side by side, it is better to do two turns, rather than brush the digestive system like nags. And if at some point you decide to dine, then check out those restaurants in the region that have decided to participate in the Show. Within a radius of 60 km around Turin, many establishments offer special menus, ranging from 35 to 120 € (reservations recommended on the site).


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