The Pays de Retz: Pornic, Saint-Brévin, lake of Grand-Lieu

South of the Loire estuary, the Pays de Retz is best known for its Côte de Jade and its jewels of Pornic and Saint-Brévin. But this ocean region can also be visited from the interior, from the Breton Marshes and the Grand-Lieu lake. On foot, by bike, on horseback, by canoe, beautiful walks await you for a weekend or longer holidays. And if you like seafood, you will be delighted ... A destination of authentic charm, to discover absolutely with a brand new Routard entirely dedicated to the Pays de Retz.

The Pays de Retz, under the sign of water

South of the Loire estuary, the Pays de Retz is a region under the sign of water, with on one side the ocean, on the other the Breton marshes and Grand-Lieu lake, conducive to beautiful walks.

This marine country is best known for its Jade Coast and pretty seaside resorts like Saint-Brévin-les-Pins ou Pornic, popular drop-off points for holidaymakers. But we must not forget for all that inland, a land of rivers and marshes, which can easily be discovered by bike, on foot or by canoe. The Lower Loire maritime canal, which covers the country of Retz to the north, is also a pretext for interesting discoveries, in particular its rich bird fauna. Finally, many festivals make it a region of culture.

The Pays de Retz is also its inhabitants, fishermen, salt marshes, oyster farmers and market gardeners. You guessed it, this region has something to delight gourmets who love seafood… to accompany (in moderation) with a good little Muscadet, the nectar of the region. A pleasant way to end your day, after having explored all the facets of this pretty country of Retz!

New: a Backpacker entirely dedicated to the Pays de Retz

In order to discover this territory with multiple charms, the Routard publishes a new guide entirely dedicated to the Pays de Retz.

In addition to the tourist sites not to be missed, the guide contains the best addresses in the region, selected by Routard investigators, tips, practical information, favorites and anecdotes, not to mention maps for good. orient.

An essential and complete book, rich in suggestions and ideas, to survey the Pays de Retz on the right foot!

Some favorite stages

Want to explore the Pays de Retz? For a weekend or a longer stay, here are some of our favorite stops:

- Paimboeuf : from this small port in the heart of the Loire estuary, you can embark on a cruise aboard a flat-bottomed boat, between Paimboeuf and Lavau-sur-Loire. An immersion in the unique landscapes of the estuary and an unusual point of view on the Loire. Camera required!

- Saint-Brévin-les-Pins : a pearl of a seaside resort on the Côte de Jade, appreciated for its beautiful beaches, its small resort houses, its maritime pines… Do not miss the breathtaking view of the port of Saint-Nazaire, before going to greet the monumental sculpture of the Ocean Serpent.

- Pornic, nestled at the bottom of its cove, with its castle, its villas on the side of the rock, its charming fishing port, the customs path along the Atlantic ... Renowned spa resort since the XNUMXth century, Pornic continues to attract holidaymakers . We understand them!

- Machecoul-saint-même, the historic capital of the Pays de Retz, is famous for the famous castle of Gilles de Rais, alias the terrible “Bluebeard”. You can discover this page of history by visiting the castle, which hosts shows in summer. Then, you can visit the Beillevaire cheese dairy, walk in the forest before going to discover the exceptional flora and fauna of the Breton Marais.

- The Grand-Lieu lake, the largest natural lake in the plain in France in winter and the second bird sanctuary after the Camargue. Must stop at Saint-Philbert-de-Grand-Lieu for its splendid abbey or to the church of Saint-Lumine-de-Coutais, whose bell tower offers a superb view of the lake.

- La Logne valley, which you can follow in Corcoué-sur-Logne, particularly in spring and autumn to enjoy the hyacinths or the colors. A nature that we never tire of ...


Consult our Pays de la Loire online guide

All the good tips and addresses in the Routard Pays de Retz in bookstores. Price: € 4,90

How to get there ?

 - By train: TGV to Nantes, then TER connections to Pornic and Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie.

- By car: the Pays de Retz is located 430 km from Paris, 350 km from Bordeaux, 250 km from Tours, 145 km from Rennes, 130 km from Angers and 90 km from Vannes.

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