Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius… The Baltic capitals with the Backpacker

Le Routard publishes a new Baltic States guide: Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, devoted to these superb capitals of Northern Europe. With the return of spring, it is time to fly to these cities where the magnificent heritage of the past is harmoniously combined with the dynamism of the present. Beautiful city breaks in perspective and beautiful (and long) evenings to experience on the shores of the Baltic!

These small Baltic capitals which rise, which rise ...

Small capitals which rise, which rise ... and attract more and more travelers. Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn, capitals of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, are ideal destinations for lovers of discovery, culture and change of scenery.

Inheritance of their long and particularly tormented history, their old towns have the effect of a time machine, in a setting that has nothing to envy to gems like Prague, Vienna or Budapest.

But, far from being reduced to old stones, the three Baltic capitals offer above all a harmonious fusion of history, discreet modernity and sincere hospitality. Here, curiosity and openness to others are experienced during the long summer evenings and the famous white nights when we make up for a long and harsh winter.

The intense cultural life and a gastronomy with tasty maritime influences - Baltic oblige - participate fully in Baltic art of living, both dynamic and imbued with serenity. It's up to you to taste it, for a long weekend or a longer vacation.

New! A Backpacker Baltic States: Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius

Le Routard publishes a new guide Baltic countries: Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius. You will find in the guide everything you need to prepare and make a success of your stay :
- a first part in color with maps, itineraries, photos and our favorites hundreds of addresses often not found elsewhere surprising anecdotes of original cultural visits off the beaten track up-to-date information as well as maps and plans detailed.

The Backpacker Baltic countries: Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, your essential travel companion, to slip into your backpack!

Tallinn (Estonia), the beautiful sentinel of the North

Alternately Danish, Germanic, Swedish, Russian and Soviet, Tallinn, the Estonian capital nestled behind its line of ramparts bristling with watchtowers, charms us with its historic center (forbidden to cars), which serves as a setting for splendid churches, houses and palaces, classified by Unesco as World Heritage of humanity.

Easy to discover, the historic heart of the old town lends itself wonderfully to walking and, quickly, you end up feeling at home. Because this beautiful Baltic sentinel is also a welcoming and high-tech oriented city, where you can indulge yourself at a table in a trendy restaurant or at the counter of a cozy café.

Our 3 favorites:

- Take a walk in the upper town, for a festival of architectural beauties

- The trendy and hipster district of Tellivskivi, a Mecca of the digital and artistic avant-garde.

- The Kumu Art Museum, the “Estonian Beaubourg” with an architecture as bold as it is sublime.

Riga (Latvia), between Art Nouveau and cultural dynamism

Largest of the Baltic capitals, Riga (Latvia) encourages wonderful walks during which we discover countless architectural nuggets of beautiful eclecticism. Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical, Historicist, coexist quite harmoniously. But the great must of Riga is Art Nouveau, a real treasure finally recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site.

 And then, the Soviet grayness is over… Riga, European capital of culture in 2014, is a city on the move! Dense nightlife, old districts in constant renovation, museums of incredible wealth and bustling youth ... Enough to spend (at least) a long weekend of pleasures and discoveries!

Our 3 favorites:

- Discover the sumptuous Art Nouveau architecture, along the streets of the old town.

- Attend a ballet at national opera, splendid building in neoclassical style.

- Stroll through the fragrant and colorful alleys of the central Market.

Vilnius (Lithuania), the jewel of multiple influences

Vilnius (Lithuania) is, for its part, a true multi-faceted jewel, the fruit of multiple influences. Nicknamed the "Jerusalem of the North", what was once a great Jewish city has a magnificent old city with countless churches, baroque as possible, which also link it to the Catholic sphere.

It is a pleasure to stroll through old Vilnius, partly pedestrianized and completely renovated, where a delicate light vibrates. Special mention for the sublime baroque center, listed as World Heritage by Unesco.

Creative restaurants, frenzied bars, young people in the streets ... Straddling its heavy history and a certain carefree attitude, Vilnius is not a museum city: it is a modern and creative city, the only one to have within it an independent and libertarian republic (Uzupis), to discover urgently.

Our 3 favorites:

- La Gate of Dawn, a tiny baroque church nestled upstairs from the city's most important gate

- Walk in the evening Pilies and Literatu streets, in the heart of the old town, looking for an old tavern.

- Visit the holocaust museum so as not to forget the anti-Semitic horrors and the martyrdom suffered by the large Jewish community of Vilnius.

All the tips and addresses in the Baltic Country Routard: Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius in bookstores. Price: € 14,20

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