Sourisgrise's favorites in New York

Sourisgrise, an expert member of the Routard community, tells us about her love for New York. Get to know him!

With more than 30 messages to her credit on the New York forum, Sourisgrise is the favorite interlocutor of travelers leaving for the Big Apple. Itineraries, news, tips, she has the answer to everything ...

Can you introduce yourself to Internet users?

Sexagenarian with gray hair, hence my nickname, I fell into the travel pot when I was little. Thanks to a member of my family who traveled the world and brought back incredible memories for my childhood eyes, I was very early initiated to elsewhere. After having traveled extensively in France and its immediate surroundings, the age of my financial autonomy came. It allowed me to move away from the Paris region where I have always lived. To pay for my studies, I worked for a major national newspaper weekly and in a travel agency. This last experience, which lasted a few years, made me want to see what the brochures presented. There followed many expeditions, up to four per year, with family, then with friends, to finally try the adventure alone.

What made you sign up and get involved in the forums so much?

After having discovered by the greatest of luck, and very late, the use of the internet (by necessity, to help me in the assembly of a trip), I came to be interested in blogs and travel forums. Le Routard is not the first forum where I tried to gain loyalty, but it is the only one that I retained after having experienced others. It is the only one where I have a regular participant activity. I don't come to look for information there, even if I occasionally recognize its usefulness for certain destinations I go to, but I try to collaborate on it by responding to requests and reviewing the news of the city where I go. sevis: New York. Participating in the assembly of members' trips allows me to travel with them. Expert in planning, having no trouble projecting myself into individual projects, knowing New York City better than any other, I feel capable of responding on the fly, without any documentation support. The only plus for which I have to do a search are the address links that refer to specific data. So, what drives me to be also present on the New York du Routard forum is the pleasure of sharing and the maintenance of news concerning the city and, of course, the total freedom which is offered to express oneself about it, in the respect of the charter.

What kind of traveler are you?

I am a very independent traveler who prefers a solo stay, or even two, to that in an organized group. The “summer camp” aspect doesn't really suit me. However, on certain destinations, where the organization of the discovery is either too complicated or not very recommended for single travelers, I slip into groups. My only requirement is to have guaranteed independence ranges. My profession allows me to manage my time as I want. This is a significant asset for increasing local or long-term trips.

We especially know you for being present on the New York forum. Why this city?

New York is the greatest gift life has given me in terms of travel. New York was not a city that interested me when I first met it. It was only an obligatory point of passage to undertake a journey of more than two months which would take me across Canada and part of the United States. My first discovery of the city was the complete opposite of what the following were going to be: nose in the wind, without any guide or upstream planning. New York, I discovered it in the last century and began to make annual trips there a few years after the cataclysm of September 11, 2001, which had put me in a state of prostration and grief such that I did not feel to come back to it.

Since then, I have learned to know it, to explore it in all its nuances, not neglecting any district, seeking to make as many cultural and hazardous experiences as possible. New York has become an addiction. Wherever I am, not a day goes by that I do not make contact with her, whether through the news or tourist information sites.

What are your three favorites in New York?

Three favorites? Ouch! You ask me for the impossible! How to select three favorites when the city has five districts? I will still try to answer!

- The Manhattan skyline seen from Gantry State Park in Queens.
- Street art all sites combined (example: from Five Points to Bushwick - Brooklyn).
- Staten Island Historic Districts.

This list does not really include the standards that illustrate the guides.

Do you have an unusual address / place to recommend to Internet users for their next trip to the Big Apple?

Le panorama of New York located at the Queens Museum which borders the Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

To get there, just take subway line 7 and get off at Mets-Willets Point. This park, where the museum is located, hosted the Universal Exhibition in 1964. It contains the Unisphere and the remains that served as the setting for scenes known in Men in Black.

What's your favorite New York specialty?

Le pastrami, which I discovered at Katz's, and Brooklyn Lager, a beer whose balance and scent capsize me.

Do you have a travel anecdote to share?

Should I mention a poisoning, followed by a coma, which got me to be transported by the FDNY of Brooklyn and to discover that it is not only in the series that one can see this kind things ? 

More touristy, another anecdote marked me just as much as it worried me during its unfolding. As I undertook a tour of an area of ​​Harlem on 5th Avenue, I found myself facing a very beautiful imposing building that I began to photograph. As I walked into a huge unfenced yard, a man came to ask me what I was doing in this place forbidden to the public and asked for my papers. In giving him my passport and seeing him disappear with it, I was not very reassured. Several minutes passed before he invited me to follow him. Here I am in great trouble! In reality, this soldier, discovering that I was only a simple French tourist, invited me to discover one of the secrets of his barracks. I was at the Armory Superintendent, a military base. A officer came to explain to me the importance of a fresco which adorned the interior vault of the portal and which recounted the feats of arms of a battle in Normandy. He was very proud of it, and seemed happy to be able to talk about it with a Frenchwoman. Me, I did not follow much of his explanations, only trying to find my senses.

What's your next trip?

THEEcuador, for a return to the Andean highlands in addition to Peru and Bolivia already visited.

As for New York, everything will depend on the news and my list of unusual wishes to satisfy.


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