San Francisco activities, shopping and entertainment

San Francisco activities, shopping and entertainment


San Francisco is assured to carry American (Levi's, Victoria's Secret, Gap, Old Navy, Abercrombie, Vans, Timberland, Ralph Lauren ...) are grouped in the Downtown, on Market Street and around Union Square. If you are interested in this type of purchase, we strongly advise you to go to the outlet stores in the region, in Milpitas, Vacaville, Gilroy, Napa, Petaluma ... where the prices, already very attractive, are sometimes still divided by 2 (car essential).

Please note: prices are always displayed United, despite a sometimes less favorable exchange rate. Here are some ideas for items to bring in your luggage:

- Levi's jeans, of course ! The brand was born in San Francisco during the gold rush. Cheaper than in France, even if you buy them in official Levi's Stores (often one-off promotions on certain items). Obviously, it is in the Outlets (factory outlets on the outskirts of large cities) that the prices are the most broken.

- The ready-to-wear shirts, Far West sweatshirts, Lucky Brand. And also Anthropologie, very original in the bohemian chic style (for women only; with superbly staged boutiques), but not cheap.
- kids clothing are also interesting, as long as you like flashy colors.

- Sports and leisure shoes and clothing (yoga, pilates and camping equipment in particular). REI stores are a bit of an outdoor mecca, with an incredible selection of equipment for every activity imaginable.

- Beauty products (cosmetics, make-up) Like L'Oréal, Maybelline or Neutrogena cost half the price in France. They are found in drugstores like Walgreens or CVS. The big American brands like Clinique and Kiehl's are also a little more interesting. Lots of choice also in the ranges bio et vegan.

- The products deshirt with his effigy, not a restaurant, a coffee shop or a bar which does not do the same, without forgetting the mass production of the pretty house mug or the tote bag for shopping (easy but always affordable gift) ...

- Cinnamon, violet gums and other unusual flavors, California almonds and other seeds, BBQ spices, pancake mixes, a plethora of organic products, and plenty of ideas to glean from the shelves supermarkets.

- Smartphones, cameras, computers ... what about the shops in tourist areas (Chinatown in particular), because behind the golden affair is often hidden a reinforced concrete scam!

Go out, listen to music and dance at SoMa

SoMa is the trendiest neighborhood in San Francisco by night, with a significant concentration of places of all kinds of trips.

As often, the ideal, to catch the last wave, is to get information on the spot, for example by consulting the Sunday supplement of the San Francisco Chronicle or the SF Weekly, free weekly which comes out on Thursday and that we find a little all over.

Warning, you must be 21 years old to enter the boxes.

Last advice: avoid crossing SoMa on foot alone at night when leaving the clubs. Instead, drive or take a taxi home, as the area is not always very safe.

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