Recommended routes Turkey

Recommended routes Turkey

A week in Turkey

Istanbul, a must! Then there are 3 variants.
To get around, it is better to take the plane.

Istanbul (3 days)

  • Devote 2 days to old Istanbul (Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapı Palace).
  • On the 3rd day, plan a short cruise on the Bosphorus, followed by a trip around the Egyptian Bazaar.
  • Finally, descend the İstiklâl Caddesi.

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Cappadocia Option (3 days)

  • The open-air museum and rock-hewn churches near Göreme
  • The underground cities
  • Take a hike

Option the Mediterranean coast (3 days)

  • Antalya. Plan 1 day to enjoy the city, then visit 2 ancient sites (or 3 if possible) which are nearby: Termessos, Pergé and Aspendos).

Option the Aegean coast (3 days)

  • Selçuk is an ideal base for visiting the major site of Ephesus and its surroundings.
  • Swimming on Pamucak beach.
  • On the last day, visit the sites of Priene and Miletus.

Ten days in Turkey

Take a tour combining Istanbul. From there, reach Cappadocia, then choose between Pammukale and a stay on the coast. One condition: take 2 flights or night buses.

Istanbul (3 days)

  • 1 half-day trip by plane to reach Cappadocia.

Cappadocia (2 and a half days)

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  • Focus on the open-air museum and rock-hewn churches near Göreme.
  • Also plan to visit 1 or 2 underground cities.

You then have 4 options:

  • Pamukkale with its famous basins; in this case, plan to visit Aphrodisias;
  • Antalya;
  • Bodrum and its peninsula;
  • Selçuk and Ephesus.

Whether it is 3 days on site. From Cappadocia, plan to travel by night bus (it saves time) to reach your final destination. Return to Istanbul by plane.

A fortnight in Turkey

  • Start the trip with Istanbul (3 days). Then, fly to Cappadocia (2 days), where you will not fail to visit the open-air museum of Göreme, Zelve, rock churches and an underground city.
  • Then, head to Pammukale (1 day there, plus 1 day of 3 days) to visit one of the most beautiful ancient sites in Turkey.
  • From there, reach Bodrum station and its peninsula (2 days). Next stop, the small village of Patara (1 day) for a sunset on one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey.
  • Finally, direction Antalya, stopping during the day in Çıralı (1 day). End clap in Antalya (2 days) by visiting Aspendos, Pergé or Termessos. Return to Istanbul by plane.

3 weeks in Turkey

This is the opportunity to discover a different and often forgotten Turkey. Plan to rent a car.

  • After Istanbul (2 days), join Safranbolu (1 day on site, plus 1 day of travel). From there, leave for Boğazkale (1 day), the ancient capital of the Hittites. The next day, direction Divriği (1 day) to admire one of the jewels of medieval Islamic architecture.
  • Then, reach Cappadocia (3 days), where rock churches, underground cities and hikes will be on the program. Then, heading for Antalya (2 days plus 1 day of travel); we will visit Aspendos, Perge or Termessos.
  • For the next stage, you will have to choose between Kekova Island (1 day) and Patara Beach (1 day).
  • From there 3 days).
  • The stay ends in Pamukkale (2 days), against the backdrop of sparkling basins; in the area, try to take the time to visit the beautiful ancient site of Aphrodisias. You can catch the plane at the airport near Denizli.

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