Recommended routes Israel, Palestine

Recommended routes Israel, Palestine
  • Very important: always consult the travel advice on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

One week

Tel-Aviv (2 or 3 days)

In "the city that never sleeps", the cultural, artistic and seaside offers meet all desires:

  • museums (the Arts, the Jewish People, the Rabin Center, etc.)
  • Bauhaus architecture
  • art galleries
  • the souks (including that of Jaffa)
  • aperitif on the beach
  • restaurants that honor all the culinary contributions of the population
  • the boîbranchées

We hesitate between spending 2 or 3 full days.

Jerusalem (3 or 4 days)

Another atmosphere.

  • We get lost in the Armenian, Jewish, Muslim and Christian quarters of the old city.
  • We gain height at the citadel of David, on the esplanade of the mosques and on the Mount of Olives.
  • Take the via Dolorosa and turn off towards the Holy Sepulcher.
  • We stop in front of the Western Wall,
  • before walking through the Ezekia tunnel at the City of David Archaeological Park.
  • In the new city, enthusiasts, both modern art and history, will not miss the beautiful Israel Museum and that of the Countries of the Bible,
  • while the Yad Vashem memorial is a tribute to all the innocent victims of the Shoah.

Allow 3 or 4 days depending on the time spent in Aviv.

Bethlehem (1 day)

The city where Christ was born is in Palestinian territory. It is reached by bus from Jerusalem. In the program :

  • The Basilica of the Nativity
  • The souk of the old town
  • The Walled Off Hotel museum and art gallery created by Banksy
  • Just opposite, the tépoint.

Pre-trip from Jerusalem.

Ten days

North circuit

Tel-Aviv (3 days)

See the weeklong itinerary.

Caesarea - Haifa (2 days)

In 2 days, provided you are motorized.

  • We first reach the site founded by the Romans in the XNUMXst century BC. JC,
  • with a detour through the new town of Caesarea, where the Ralli Museum presents works by Spanish artists;
  • en route, stop at the artist village of Ein Hod created by the Dadaist Marcel Janco.
  • Haifa, the third city of the country, is known for its impressive number of museums, its multiculturalism, the view from Mount Carmel and its Baha'i Gardens (classified as World Heritage by Unesco).
  • Do not miss the Museum of Archeology and Painting by Reuben and Edith Hecht, on the university campus.

Akko (1 day)

1 day is not too much to enjoy this beautiful crossed city surrounded by ramparts.

  • It has preserved its underground citadel, its Turkish baths and opened interesting museums.
  • Before heading back down to Jerusalem, don't miss the Ghetto Fighters Museum in Lohamei Haghetaot, just north of Akko.

 Jerusalem (3 days) and Bethlehem (1 day)

See the weeklong itinerary.

South circuit

Tel Aviv (2 days) and Jerusalem (3 days)

See the one-week itinerary, then:

Massada (1 day)

Devote 1 day to this former royal residence from Herod's time, perched on its promontory, which became the symbol of Jewish resistance at the time against the Romans. The site is classified as World Heritage by Unesco.

The Dead Sea and Ein Bokek (1 day)

  • Recover from your emotions by bathing in this lake 6 to 8 times saltier than the Mediterranean, with incomparable buoyancy. We are at the lowest place on earth (424 m below sea level).
  • 1 day of relaxation.

Eilat (2 days)

  • Expémarin from the mainland from the observatory or simply to land for 2 days?

Mitzpé Ramon and the Nabataean sites (1 day)

  • Going up to Tel Aviv, stop in the Negev desert, with its amazing landscapes as evidenced by the makhtesh Ramon, the largest of the 3 craters in the region. You can even walk inside.

The road then branches off to 3 Nabataean sites.

  • Avdat is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in the country, along with Masada. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site,
  • just like Shivta and Mamshit (see also, depending on the time available).

Count 1 dense day.

Return to Tel Aviv.

West Bank

Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Bethlehem

Resume the one week itinerary, then:

Hebron (1 day)

The economic capital of the West Bank still houses a very beautiful old town and the Tomb of the Patriarchs, a place of worship for both Muslims and Jews. It is also an opportunity to understand a very complex political situation (inquire beforehand and, if the climate allows it, do not hesitate to plan 1 day there, or even a night at the inhabitant).

Jericho (1 day)

  • Via the monastery of Mar Saba and Qumrân, direction Jericho for the Hisham palace, an old winter palace with very well preserved mosaics
  • Mount of Temptation
  • A stroll in the sumptuous wadi Qelt where Georges.


Capital, administrative this time, of the West Bank. People come there as much for the authenticity of its old town as for the trendy restaurants and bars. To party, it's here. So spend at least one evening there.

Nablus and Sebastia (1 or 2 days)

  • Leaving Ramallah, stop at the village of Taybeh. The only beer in Palestine is produced there.
  • Then go to Nablus. Its souk is worth the detour, as are its soap factories, one of the city's specialties, renowned throughout the Arab world.
  • Then do not miss to climb to Sebastia, an ancient royal city perched on a promontory dominating the entire region. Today it is a charming village.

Allow a minimum of 1 day for the 2 cities.

Fifteen days

North tour to Akko (6 days) and continue to:

Safed (1 day)

  • The old crusader city, one of the holiest cities for the Jews, shines with its artistic and spiritual dynamism. Many synagogues and a beautiful cemetery.

Lake Tiberias and its biblical sites

  • Allow a day to go around the lake, stopping, among others, at Tabgha (Basilica of the Multiplication of the Loaves), Capernaum or the Mount of the Beatitudes.
  • The Tel Beit Saïda region is peaceful and beautiful.


  • The old town, with its steep alleys and beautiful buildings, is worth a visit.
  • In terms of biblical heritage, visit the Basilica of the Annunciation 
  • and the Mary of Nazareth International Center.

Beit She'an

  • Head east to admire this beautiful archaeological site occupied by many civilizations, from the Egyptians to the Greeks through the Hebrews.
  • Vast panorama from the hill overlooking the remains.
  • On the road, do not miss the Megiddo National Park.
  • Continue to Jerusalem, either via the West Bank (1 or 2 days) via Jericho and Bethlehem, or via Israel.

Combined West Bank

  • Take the start of the previous circuit to Nazareth,
  • then, if the political context allows it, cross the West Bank from north to south, from Jenin to Hebron (inquire beforehand) via:
  • Sebastia,
  • Nablus,
  • Ramallah (1 day),
  • Bethlehem,
  • Hebron (1 day),
  • then continue to Masada (1 day),
  • either go down to Mitzpé Ramon via the Nabataean site of Avdat (1 day),
  • either return directly to Jerusalem and spend 4 days there.

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