Recommended itineraries Romania

Recommended itineraries Romania

In Romania, the best solution is to rent a car there (or to bring your own), as buses and trains do not go everywhere.

A week in Romania

Loop from Bucharest

  • Bucharest,
  • Sinaïa for its extraordinary Peleş castle

A little tour in Transylvania:

  • Braşov,
  • Râşnov
  • Bran Castle
  • And we finish in Curtea de Argeș, necropolis of the kings.

The towns of Transylvania

  • Bucharest
  • The Carpathians, with a 1st stage in Sinaïa for the castle of Peleş.
  • Braşov, the country of Saxon citadels with in particular:
    • Viscri
    • Sighişoara
    • Sibiu
  • Excursions to the villages of Mărginimea-Sibiului,
  • Return to Bucharest via Curtea de Argeş Monastery


A rural and bucolic week:

  • 3 days in the countryside of Maramureş
  • 4 days in the middle of the monasteries of Bucovina

Orthodox week

  • 2-3 days between the monasteries of Oltenia and those of Neamţ
  • 4 days to discover those of Bucovina

Hiking week

7 days in the Apuseni mountains (munţii Apuseni), focusing on:

  • the Beiuş valley (Beiuşului valea)
  • the land of the Moţi (Ţara Moţilor)

Danube Delta

  • Departing from Tulcea,
  • we embark by boat to Crişan or Mila 23,
  • d & rsquo5 days:
    • Letea
    • Sulina ...
  • Back on dry land, you can drive south by car to the archaeological site of Histria.

Two weeks in Romania

  • Two days in Bucharest
  • The Monastery of Curtea de Argeş and the crossing of Transylvania with a must-see stopover in Sibiu, i.e. 3 days.
  • Then, heading for Maramureş via Cluj-Napoca: 4 days in the countryside.
  • Then Bucovina and its painted monasteries (3 days) and, going down to Bucharest, Sighişoara, the fortified Saxon villages of Transylvania around Viscri (2 days).
  • And to end the circuit, an excursion around the Făgăraş mountains, in the Carpathians (point of 2 days).

Three weeks in Romania

Full tour of Romania:

  • 2 days in Bucharest
  • 3-4 days in the land of Saxon citadels: Sibiu, Sighişoara and Viscri
  • 4-5 days of trekking in the beautiful Apuseni mountains
  • 2 days in Cluj and the surrounding area
  • 3-4 days in Maramureş to have time to appreciate this region which lives to the rhythm of old rural Europe
  • 3 days in Bucovina for its monasteries classified as World Heritage by Unesco,
  • then descend south through Iaşi in Moldova
  • 3 days in the Danube Delta, one of the largest wild deltas in Europe
  • And back to Bucharest

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