Recommended itineraries Qatar

Recommended itineraries Qatar

Most visitors stop over for 2 or 3 days, which is enough to get a feel for the country and see its main points of interest.


C & rsquociel all along the route, especially on the outskirts of West Bay, where the Central Business District extends.

Among the most beautiful are the Al Bidda Tower, beautifully twisted sun inspired by Islamic motifs (2012); and, behind, the iconic Tornado Tower (2008), evoking a vortex or a water tower, which takes on its full magnitude at night thanks to its illuminations.

At the foot of the skyscrapers, the Msheireb Enrichment Center houses an exhibition on the Qatar of yesterday and today through old photos and objects from the past.

Just south on the waterfront, the Dubai Towers are, they, still under construction & hellipbuildings imagined which was to be part of New Yorker of the 1930s.

But let us return to with, among other things, pages of Korans from the first time and sumptuous Mughal jewels. Best of all, admission is free outside the (interesting) temporary exhibitions.

The souks of Doha

Just south of the museum and the dhow harbor stretches "old" Doha, centered around the famous Souq Waqif. Revisited by the modern era, this market has preserved from the Arabia of yesteryear its few alleys, its spice sellers, its café terraces where hookah is smoked and its fruit juice stands, now alongside galleries. and art center, antique shops, souvenir vendors, restaurants and entertainment. At the back you will find the bird merchants, the falcon souk and the pretty fort Al Khoot which, under its venerable air of a desert castle, is not 100 years old. Dating from 1927, it was actually a police station! A camel enclosure extends alongside.

Doha museums

Le emir palace (visible only from a distance) stands two steps west, past the emblematic Clock Tower (clock tower). On the opposite side you will reach the gold souk (Gold souq), located against Al Ghanim bus station.

Further on, about 1,5 km to the east, the Qatar National Museum, inaugurated in March 2019, traces the entire history of Qatar, evokes its cultural heritage and aspirations. The museum has undergone a complete metamorphosis under the direction of Jean Nouvel. Housed in the historic palace of 1901 of the former emir, the old museum was added in 2018 a new modern space evoking the geology of Qatar, its social and cultural history, with the shape of a sand rose. It is surrounded by extensive gardens. The inauguration is scheduled for March 2019.

If you are fan of museums, let us also mention the existence of theOrientalist Museum, devoted to European orientalist arts (and especially to painting) and Mathaf, a museum of modern Arab art inaugurated in 2010 in Education City (western suburb).

Doha shopping centers

A visit to the city would certainly not be complete or two, or three - in its huge shopping centers. Besides l & rsquo with canals and gondolas to support

The latter sits right next to the country's tallest tower, theAspire Tower, alias La Torche (300 m), built during the 2006 Asian Games. On one side extends the great Khalifa stadium, on the other theAspire Park, where we find the only lake in Qatar.

The Pearl

North-east of central Doha, on the coast, the "cultural village" of Katara was inaugurated in 2010 to host various major events in a group of buildings inspired by traditional architecture. It is here, for example, that the Doha Tribeca Film Festival took place, which stopped in 2012.

There are theaters, including one inspired by ancient Rome (!), Galleries, various stages, many restaurants and the most popular beach in the city. You can even eat there under a Bedouin tent! However, it is huge and, during the week, the place is often quite dead.

A little further north, Qatar, inspired or plutobays each containing an island-pearl in their center villas or apartments.

On the outskirts of Doha

To change things so essential to the Muslim religious calendar. There is also a mosque and a majlis (reception room).

On the road to Dukhan, the Al Wajda fort, framed by thick walls, dates back to the very end of the 1893th century or the beginning of the XNUMXth century. The seat of a Qatari victory over the Ottomans in XNUMX, it originally housed the residence of the sheikhs.

The rest of Qatar

It is rare to be able to enter bas Thani, in your location (tel: 4486 1444;! But the entry is free and the collections, of a crazy eclecticism, particularly rich. On the program: everyday objects from the past, Islamic manuscripts, furniture, carpets, embroidery, textiles, fossils, the largest private collection of weapons in the world, not to mention old vehicles… and older ones (Formula 1, plane)!

Here we are in Shahaniya, where camel races take place during the winter months (see “Traditions”).

On the western flank of the PéZubarah, with turrets evocative of a warlike past, exhibits some objects found during excavations.

Even being flamingos.

If you have time, you could go to the northern end of the peninsula, to see the rock carvings of Al Jassasiya. 874 have been listed, representing geometric shapes, footprints, rowing boats, scorpions, donkeys and turtles. The oldest date back to the Neolithic period.

South of Doha, go at least as far as which is in Qatar ?!

The great erg is known for its Singing Sand Dunes, located west of Doha, which "vibrate" when you let yourself slide on their flanks. Further on, we can see the cave of Dhal Al Misfir and, as you approach the Saudi border, go in search of roses of the sand in saline depressions.

Qatar, the DéAdaid): an immense double bay, connected to the Persian Gulf by a long channel, is hollowed out in the middle of the desert! As the tar stops at Sealine, it can only be reached by 4x4 through the dunes (see “Transport”).

Tour-openics in the face of a day's thing is therefore sufficient. Unless, of course, if you opt for a sandboarding or camping option at a Bedouin camp.

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