Recommended itineraries Normandy

Recommended itineraries Normandy

Normandy keeps the traces of a prestigious past.

  • The era of William the Conqueror - recounted in the famous Bayeux tapestry - marks its architectural and religious peak.
  • Take time for a memorable stroll, or to explore the Route des Abbeys.
  • What The Mont-Saint-Michel, sumptuous, with a character as celestial as maritime?
  • It is also impossible not to mention the Second World War and the landing of the Allied forces, to Omaha Beach or Pointe du Hoc, not far from Caen Memorial.
  • More contemporary: Le Havre, city rebuilt after the war by Auguste Perret, with unusual pink concrete architecture,
  • or, in a completely different genre, the seaside resorts of Côte Fleurie - from Deauville to Cabourg - born from the craze for sea bathing under the Second Empire, and their villas, beaches and casinos, still popular today.

But Normandy also has an extra soul, captured and immortalized by impressionist painters, open-air painters to whom the revolution in transport and techniques allowed to discover the region.

  • From the almost complete bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, where the limit merges between sky, land and sea,
  •  to the vertigo of the cliffs ofEtretat
  • going through the cap de la Hague and its charming little ports, Normandy reveals various and contrasting maritime facets.

To feel the artistic inspiration, continue along the Seine:

  • Start from Honfleur,
  • take the time to stroll through the Vernier Marsh
  • before joining Giverny, idyllic village of Monet.
  • As for the legendary Norman fat grass, it won the region the construction of the “Versailles of horses”: the Haras national du Pin ;
  • and, not far from there, the spectacular silhouette of Carrouges castle.

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