Quebec traditions and customs

Quebec traditions and customs

Religions and beliefs

- Christian religions are in the strong majority, but all the other major religions are also represented in Canada. Unlike their American neighbors, there is a very clear separation between religion and political life.

In Quebec, the dynamics are different, but the result is the same. The clergy played a decisive role in political history until the 1960s, but this is no longer the case. And if most Quebecers declare themselves to be believers, few are observers.
Almost all cults are represented in Quebec, with a large predominance of so-called "cultural" Catholicism. Protestants, Muslims, Orthodox and Jews constitute the main minority groups. In Montreal, the large multicultural city of Quebec, we find the same proliferation of religions - and their same cohabitation - as in English Canada.

The de2010 brought Christians to bear this “ostentatious” religious symbol, the spirits are heating up.
Most of the contentious cases recently have focused on Muslim symbols, but other communities are also affected. Critics have multiplied, some believing that these accommodations favor the communitarianism.
To put things flat, a consultation commission was created: it found a tendency to sensationalize the media, designated as partly responsible for the controversies ...

As to Native Americans, they practice the animist religions of their ancestors often mixed with elements of Christian faith.

Know-how and customs

- Appellation of meals hours ”? Well ... we don't know.

- The "5 to 7": it is customary to get together for a drink with friends or colleagues after work. Then everyone returns to their homes for supper.

- The bill : at the restaurant, people pay separately, even sometimes in couples (it is not always good to pay for a girl who is invited to dinner). Hence the almost systematic question of the waiter (or the waitress) at the time of the bill: a single bill or several ?!

- Quebeckers do not always understand that one can argue over different opinions. They do not have this passion for frank and sometimes brutal debate which is a national sport here! So, a Frenchman who staunchly defends his opinions will often appear arrogant. Likewise, no need to start complain at the slightest unforeseen event, you would find yourself facing a wall of incomprehension. In short, stay natural, open and positive. And who has the accent!

- Measures : since 1977, we have counted in kilometers, but in the kitchen, the volumes are still in cups (240 ml) and we always measure in inches (2,54 cm). It is also good to know that there is inevitably 12 inches in a foot. Check on you!

- The moves on July 1: on this public holiday (Canada Day), Quebecers move in chorus because it is on this date that the leases end. The trucks block the streets, we walk with our mattresses on our backs, the fridges hang out in the middle of the sidewalk ... It's the happy festival of recycling, while others parade in the streets for the national holiday !

- The American "granaries." These sales are so common - from spring to the end of summer - that they have become a sort of leitmotif. A great opportunity to socialize while doing good business.

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