Practical life on site Mayotte

Practical life on site Mayotte

Time difference

1 hour ahead in summer compared to France, 2 hours in winter.


Current of 220 volts; these are the same outlets as in metropolitan France. The cuts are quite frequent, due to work.


French is the official language. However, in the bush, most adults know only a few words of French. They speak Shimaoré (derived from Swahili) or Shibushi (derived from Malagasy).


Please note: in Mayotte, we use exclusively stamps published on the island. Metropolitan stamps cannot be used in Mayotte, just as Mayotte stamps cannot be used in metropolitan France. Same price as in metropolitan France: 0,68 € for shipments to the island or to metropolitan France.

Be patient ! Both at the ticket office and in front of your Paris box. The other way around, it can take up to 20 days sometimes.

Be careful with flights. Some people never receive their package from mainland France. Use sober packaging to remain discreet.

Telephone and Internet


- Since m269 + number From E269 to landlines, or 262-639 to mobiles + 6-digit number, without the initial 0.

Same numbering as in metropolitan France, 10 digits.

The island's telephone coverage is around 97% in total.

Telephony has made a huge leap in recent years. The island has passed to cellphone very quickly. Many Mahorais do not have a fixed line. Today, SFR has a monopoly on the mobile telephone network (even if other operators are now launching into prepaid cards). Communications are still very expensive, whether to a landline or a mobile in Mayotte.


Several free wifi access points on the island. Otherwise, several cybercafés, but still very expensive. 

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