Practical life on site Andorra

Practical life on site Andorra

Opening hours

The regulations are very flexible with regard to commercial hours.

Saturday and 19 p.m. on Sunday.
- shops mark moaned.

During busy periods, hours can be extended.

In the end, it all depends on demand.

Shops are only required to close 4 days a year:


Andorra is (for now?) The only nation in the world whose official language is Catalan. This prerogative, which its Catalan neighbors greatly envy, is seen here in a much less political way.

There are in fact 3 parallel education systems: Andorran is slightly more frequented (40%), ahead of French (32%) and Spanish (28%). Result: some have a perfect command of Molière's language while others hardly speak a word of it! At university level, local students tend to choose Spain (55%), ahead of Andorra (31%) and France (12%).

THECastilian Spanish has long played the role of lingua franca due to the family and economic ties of the principality's residents with the large neighboring country. This is less the case today.

Catalan is put forward, in particular through article 2 of the law governing the use of the official language, which encourages “generalizing the knowledge of Catalan”, “preserving and guaranteeing (its) use in all areas of public life ”.

The difficult acquisition of nationality ends.


Andorra has 2 postal systems: French from La Poste and Spanish from Correos.

The stamps are different, the letterboxes too, but yellow for the 2, do not mix the brushes! Mail within the country, paying only since 2009, is breaking records for slowness!


International calls

- From France or Belgium to Andorra: 00 + 376 + number From Andorra to La France : 00 + 33 + number Of the'Andorra to Belgium : 00 + 32 + number From Andorra to Switzerland: 00 + 41 + correspondent's number.

- From Andorra to Spain: 00 + 34 + correspondent's number.

- International inquiries: the National information: Phone. : 111.

Internal calls

The 6-digit number is dialed directly.

Mobile phone in Andorra

Be careful, keep in mind thatAndorra does not belong to the classic European territory for operators and that the roaming prices are (very) high there. To save money, cross the border at Pas de la Casa or, safer, go to the Catalan enclave of Os de Civis!


Internet is available in all hotels but does not always work in the rooms, or is pretty slow. It can also be accessed in many bars and restaurants, as well as from certain public spaces - including ski area infrastructure.

Look no further for an internet café, they have virtually disappeared.

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