Practical life in Mexico

Practical life in Mexico

Time difference

We count 4 time zones in Mexico.

  • Fortunately, most of the country is stalled 6), 7am behind in continental Western Europe (when it is 12pm in Mexico City, it is 19pm in Paris).
  • The Quintana Roo (with Cancú 5 in winter and UTC - 4 in summer.
  • Northwestern Mexico (Southern California) is 7 in winter and UTC - 6 in summer.
  • Finally, the last time zone concerns Baja California North: UTC - 8 in winter 7 in summer.

Attention, in March-April and in October, when the changeover to summer or winter time, an hour shift is added for a few days, Europe and Mexico not setting their clocks. at the same time !

Important: if you are in Valladolid (Yucatán) and have a plane to catch in Cancún (Quintana Roo), remember that there is


110 volts and United sockets. Bring an adapter (not so easy to find on site).

Post (Correos)

The postal network operates very random. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for a postcard to arrive in France. For a faster shipment (less than 8 days) and relatively safe, use the "certificado" formula, which allows you to follow your course on the Internet.
In general, there is one post per city and the hours are more or less the same everywhere (Monday to Friday and sometimes Saturday mornings, except holidays, from 8 a.m. to 16 p.m. or 18 p.m.).

- Price of a stamp for Europe: Me $ 13,50 up to 20 g in normal and Me $ 44,50 up to 20 g in "certificado".


The telephone numbers have 7 digits, except in Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara, where they have 8. To call from one city to another, you must dial a code that is given to you for each city (in intro next to his name). These are larga distancia communications.

International communications

Download WhatsApp or Viber to make free calls from your mobile and forget about everything else! Moreover, the booths have virtually disappeared and small call centers (casetas telefónicas) are rare. At worst, there are scratch cards sold in Oxxo kiosks and convenience stores, such as those at Ekofon.

- From France to Mexico: 00 + 52 + city code + correspondent's number.

- From Mexico to France: 00 + 33 + correspondent's number (without the initial 0). To call collect (por cobrar), dial 09.

Internal communications

A real gas factory. Even Mexicans get confused.

- From the title of each city. Example: the code for Mexico is 55; that of Puebla is 222. If you are in the same area, there is no need to dial the prefix.

- From fixed to portable: dial 045 + city code (key) + correspondent's number (be careful, if your correspondent has a number that depends on the same zone as you, dial 044 instead of 045, but leave the prefix!).

- From laptop to laptop: if your correspondent belongs to the same zone, dial his number directly. If it belongs to a different region, dial the city code (clave) + the correspondent's number.

- Voucher at 800, valid within the country.

The mobile phone in Mexico

So you need tape or quad tape.

- Buy a SIM card / chip on site: if you stay long enough in Mexico this can be a good option. All you have to do is buy a local SIM card / chip (for less than $ 100 Me) from one of the operators (Telcel, Movistar…), represented in the ubiquitous mobile phone shops.

You are then assigned a number that is compatible.

Then, the refills of créservice, mini-markets, tobacconists, etc. Another solution: simply buy a basic cell phone (not expensive at all, sold in these same shops)!

  • More info on the mobile phone while traveling.

Internet and wifi

We find more internet cafes and internet centers. Most stay open late at night. Count between 10 $ Me / h for the cheapest and 20 $ Me in tourist areas.

Otherwise, most places of accommodation and many cafes or restaurants are equipped with Wireless, almost always free for customers. There is also access to certain public places.

- Connect to wifi abroad is the only way to access the web for free. Be careful, do not connect to 3G or 4G networks, at the risk of increasing your bill!
The wisest is to deactivate the "Data abroad" connection (in "Cellular network"). You can also put the laptop in airplane mode " and then activate the wifi. Note that the "Airplane" mode prevents, on the other hand, from receiving calls and messages.

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