Practical information and useful contacts Amsterdam

Practical information and useful contacts Amsterdam

Tourist information

Warning : there are.
The safest solution is to book your hotel on specialized websites, or with the reservation center of the tourist office, which offers a host of last-minute offers at discounted prices (free online reservation, but paying by phone or through the counter).

- Amsterdam Tourist Office (VVV) : Stationsplein 10 (opposite the central station). Every day 9 am-17pm (18pm in 15pm in winter).
In addition to the classic plans, documentations, etc., the magazine I amsterdam Magazine (4 issues per year, in English; around € 5; included with the I amsterdam City Card) offers the calendar of shows, exhibitions, attractions ... Sale of transport tickets, tickets for the main museums and shows.

- I amsterdam Store: IJ Hall (in the central station, cô 19 pm (20 pm Thursday-Saturday) Payment by credit card only.
All the usual information and sale of the I amsterdam City Card.

- Dutch Tourist and Congress Office: closed to the public.


For the representatives.

Sterling silver

In the euro zone, no bank charges on card payments. Withdrawals are subject to the same pricing conditions as those made in France (free for most cards). A lost or stolen card can be quickly replaced.

Many restaurants only accept local cards, at a pinch MasterCard or American Express, but not always Visa. Ditto in supermarkets.

On the other hand, in new trendy places, such as the fashionable hôbars of the old docks and other places even more eccentric than eccentric, your card will be required to discourage infringements, no other payment method possible.

- Cash dispensers: banks have ATMs in facAMRO. Otherwise, distributors in supermarkets.

Budget in Amsterdam

If the average cost of living is equivalent to that of its European neighbors, Amsterdam has the advantage of meeting the expectations of all budgets: broke, lovers, family, etc.


We insist on the need to start early to book: 2 or 3 months in advance!

- Cheap Average prices: from 65 to From chic to more chic: from 150 to 250 € per room.

- Even more chic : more than 250 € per room.

Remember to get clarified if the tourist taxes are included in the price. If this is not the case (and in this case, there is no rule), you will have to add 7% to the price of the room (or to the pitch of a tent in a campsite) , as well as a tax of 3 € per night (1 € for the campsite). For B & B, the tax is 10%. 


The cheapest is to eat standing up at the many fish or chips kiosks! But there are many cafes, snacks, trendy or alternative places, museum cafes or bars to have fun, where you will have a healthy lunch, and places to dine with a main course and a dessert, watching the drinks.

The prices are indicated for one person.

- Very Cheap Average prices: from 17 to Chic: more than 30 €.

- Very stylish : more than 50 €.


Most are chargeable and expensive, from 5 to 20 €. We are not even talking about temporary exhibitions, involving a supplement. While children and those under 18 are privileged, few museums offer discounts for students, and even less for seniors (over 65) ...

La I amsterdam city card (see below) allows substantial savings to be made, provided ... it is amortized! Especially since some museums, such as the Anne Frank House, refuse it.

If you are traveling to cities other than Amsterdam, you may also be interested in the Holland Pass. This card, the cost of which varies between 40 and 85 €, entitles the holder to between 2 and 7 free admissions and reductions in many museums, tourist attractions, restaurants and shops and certain public transport. It is valid throughout the country.

The exits

So there € 12, drink a beer for € 3 or € 5 in a trendy place, it allows you to string the rosary of places at night without putting yourself in the straw.

The Amsterdam City Card

Valid from 12 years old, the I amsterdam City Card is on sale on the Internet (count 6 days maximum to receive it), at the airport, at the various counters of the tourist office (VVV), of the Amsterdam public transport (GVB), from some hotels and newsagents.
Its price is 65 € for 24h, 85 € for 48h, 105 € for 72h, 120 € for 96h or 130 € for 120h.

Presented as a code card and accompanied by an explanatory booklet in French, the I amsterdam City Card gives free access to the main museums (except the Anne Frank House, which must be visited online), at a boat as well as reductions of 25 to 50% on bicycle and car rentals, in certain P + R (Park and Ride) car parks, in museums and other tourist sites and also in certain restaurants. Please note, temporary museum exhibitions sometimes incur a supplement of a few euros.

Good to know, the card is activated independently depending on the uses. For example, once triggered by the 1st museum visited, the time remaining on the card will only concern this type of visit, and not transport (there, the card will be activated, during a 1st trip by metro, bus or tram).

Before setting your sights on this passport, check that it is really profitable for your stay.

Drugs and narcotics

Mêfaire today, in hundreds of coffee-shops, marijuana and hashish are still sold freely, certainly in clearly defined quantities.

Contrary to the idea commonly conveyed, the cultivation, sale and consumption of any form of drug is PROHIBITED by law.
However, the legislator has designed a drug policy, which tolerates the consumption of cannabis, but with very strict rules. This policy aims to reduce the demand for and supply of drugs and the risks incurred by users, their relatives and society.

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